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Shopping center in Lithuania | © Ville Säävuori/Flickr
Shopping center in Lithuania | © Ville Säävuori/Flickr
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The 7 Best Fashion Boutiques in Vilnius

Picture of Kasparas Asmonaitis
Updated: 19 December 2017
Lithuania is a beautiful country which will amaze you with many natural wonders, resort towns, and historic monuments. However, if you want to bring some of the beauty back to your home, you must come to Vilnius and visit one of many fashion boutiques where local artists and designers sell their masterpieces.
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De’Žavu Vintage Boutique

De’Žavu Vintage Boutique is probably the best place to buy some vintage clothes and accessories in Vilnius. Every single item is carefully selected by the staff so you can be sure that everything that you see in De’Žavu Vintage Boutique is of the highest quality and standards. There are also some brands which sell new items in this vintage boutique. There are three De’Žavu boutiques in Vilnius, all located in the Old Town.

Šv. Ignoto g. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania,

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Moustache Boutique

Moustache Boutique is a perfect place to get familiar with Lithuanian designers’ work and maybe even purchase some brand new clothes or accessories. Many Lithuanian designers choose to sell their goods at Moustache Boutique so there is something for everyone’s taste. Also, Moustache Boutique is men-friendly so if you want to drag your boyfriend along for shopping, this boutique might be a good place to start!

Vilniaus g. 28, Vilnius, Lithuania,

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Le Muse

Lithuanian designers are getting more and more popular for their fantastic work, and Le Muse is perfect proof of that. In this boutique, you will find wonderfully crafted clothes which will make you beautiful from within. Locals love to purchase quality Lithuanian products, so don’t be surprised to see many customers in Le Muse!

Savičiaus g. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania,

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Boutique Guru

Boutique Guru is a new and fashionable boutique, which prioritizes its customers and makes sure that everyone finds exactly what they are looking for. All the products in the shop are carefully picked by professionals to assure the highest quality. Every single customer is important and that is why Boutique Guru’s staff are super-flexible and willing to adjust to customer’s needs and wishes.

Šv. Stepono g. 4, Vilnius, Lithuania,

Courtesy of Boutique Guru

Courtesy of Boutique Guru

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Bütega Boutique

Bütega Boutique, located in the heart of Vilnius, is a wonderful little place for you to buy some colorful clothing, especially if you want to find some hidden gems from Lithuanian artists. Bütega Boutique is one of those places you will want to come back to, because of wonderful quality products and extremely friendly and welcoming staff.

Stiklių g. 18, Vilnius, Lithuania,

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Vintage Boutique

It is pretty easy to guess that you can only buy vintage clothing in Vintage Boutique, so if you are looking for some high-quality clothes which had other owners, this is the place to be. Of course, Vintage Boutique thrives because of the high standards, so all the vintage clothes are still in a perfect shape. Visit this place and find real Lithuanian fashion!

Arklių g. 3-13, Vilnius, Lithuania,

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Apple of Eve Boutique

From dresses to bags to jewelry to footwear, you can find everything in Apple of Eve Boutique, which is located in a convenient and wonderful spot in Vilnius Old Town. Apple of Eve Boutique also has a website, where you can purchase your favorite goods online.

Šv. Mikalojaus g. 11, Vilnius, Lilthuania,