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The 10 Best Bars In Klaipėda, Lithuania
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The 10 Best Bars In Klaipėda, Lithuania

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The sea port town of Klaipėda, in Lithuania, with its French and German influences, combined with Lithuanian traditions, provides a lively mix of different cultures. Toast this with some traditional Lithuanian beers; we list the best places to have a drink here.
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Senoji Hansa

Senoji Hansa is an old bar known for its great cuisine and customer service. The bar has two cozy dining halls that can seat up to 70 people. During the warm months of the year, it also opens a terrace which looks out to the historical Theatre Square.

Address: Senoji Hansa, Kurpių g. 1, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 46 400056

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Herkus Kantas Pub

Herkus Kantas Pub is a small and cozy cellar bar where exceptional international and Lithuanian hand crafted beers are always available. The bar features the largest beer selection in the city. You will find a friendly, local crowd inside that can consist of sportsmen, students and sailors.

Address: Herkus Kantas Pub, Kepėjų g. 17, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 685 87338

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Beer Garden

Beer Garden, a pub for beer and sports fans, is situated in the heart of the city and on the banks of the river. It offers a large draught and bottled beer selection, delicious snacks, live sports and a cozy and warm environment. The bar is always open till late, even during weekdays.

Address: Beer Garden, Žvejų g. 12, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 626 57497

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Meat Lovers

This pub, situated in Klaipėda‘s ferry and cruise ship port, offers a very picturesque view of the Curonian lagoon and the ships passing by its glass walls. It has a great selection of beers, cocktails and other drinks, as well as serving some truly delicious burgers.

Address: Meat Lovers, Danės g.1, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 65221998

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