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The 10 Best Bars In Klaipėda, Lithuania
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The 10 Best Bars In Klaipėda, Lithuania

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The sea port town of Klaipėda, in Lithuania, with its French and German influences, combined with Lithuanian traditions, provides a lively mix of different cultures. Toast this with some traditional Lithuanian beers; we list the best places to have a drink here.
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Senoji Hansa

Senoji Hansa is an old bar known for its great cuisine and customer service. The bar has two cozy dining halls that can seat up to 70 people. During the warm months of the year, it also opens a terrace which looks out to the historical Theatre Square.

Address: Senoji Hansa, Kurpių g. 1, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 46 400056

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Herkus Kantas Pub

Herkus Kantas Pub is a small and cozy cellar bar where exceptional international and Lithuanian hand crafted beers are always available. The bar features the largest beer selection in the city. You will find a friendly, local crowd inside that can consist of sportsmen, students and sailors.

Address: Herkus Kantas Pub, Kepėjų g. 17, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 685 87338

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Beer Garden

Beer Garden, a pub for beer and sports fans, is situated in the heart of the city and on the banks of the river. It offers a large draught and bottled beer selection, delicious snacks, live sports and a cozy and warm environment. The bar is always open till late, even during weekdays.

Address: Beer Garden, Žvejų g. 12, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 626 57497

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Meat Lovers

This pub, situated in Klaipėda‘s ferry and cruise ship port, offers a very picturesque view of the Curonian lagoon and the ships passing by its glass walls. It has a great selection of beers, cocktails and other drinks, as well as serving some truly delicious burgers.

Address: Meat Lovers, Danės g.1, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 65221998

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Kurpiai, situated in the heart of Klaipėda’s Old Town, is a lovely restaurant during the day which transforms into a jazz club at night. With live music every night from Wednesday to Saturday and a lively dancefloor, this is one of the hotspots for nights out in downtown Klaipėda. T

Address: Kurpiai, Kurpių gatvė 1a, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 46 410555

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Balta Varna

Looking for something different? Then “Balta Varna” might be just for you. The bar, situated in a beautiful old German-style building, has a very original, eclectic and artsy interior with lots of unique artworks decorating the walls, floors and even bathrooms of the bar.

Address: Balta Varna, Sukilėlių g. 18, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 687 50257

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Check’In Bar

Though open only three nights a week, this bar is definitely worth checking if you are in town. It is a warm and trendy place with a large selection of beers, live music, fun table games and jam sessions where customers can pick up any instrument they play and improvise a concert for the bar.

Address: Check’In Bar, Bružės g. 2, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 656 60046

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Žvejų baras

Žvejų baras is one of the oldest bars in the city. Situated in a hundred-year-old three-storey building, the bar has maintained the interiors and atmosphere of an old inn and has a long tradition of beer-tasting. There are 16 types of Lithuanian draught beer from different regions of the country as well as a number of foreign and Lithuanian bottled beers.

Address: Žvejų baras, Kurpių g. 8, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 69998762

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Situated in Radisson Blue Hotel Klaipėda, this bar has long become a favorite not only with the guests of the hotel but also with locals and other visitors to the city. The bar has a very elegant ambiance and it serves wonderful food and a great selection of wines, beers and cocktails.

Address: Lobby, Šaulių g. 28, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 46 490 819

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This trendy and modern bar has been known for making some of the best burgers in town. The burgers are fire-grilled and are incredibly tasty. There is also a good selection of draught and bottled Lithuanian and foreign beers, the star of the beer list being the ‘Tucher’ German beer.

Address: IQ, Didžioji vandens g. 20, Klaipėda, Lithuania, +370 657 99489