Lithuanian Design Week| ©Courtesy of Dizaino Savaite
Lithuanian Design Week| ©Courtesy of Dizaino Savaite
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Here's Everything you need to Know about Lithuania's Design Week 2017

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Updated: 2 May 2017
Every year, in the beginning of May, several cities throughout Lithuania play host to all things Lithuanian design. This year, the 2017 Design Week takes place from Monday, May 1st until Sunday, May 7th and features numerous exciting events, including an international collaboration with designers from Poland. We’ve got the highlights of what to see during Design Week curated right here for you.

Host Cities

As the capital city, Vilnius is the main host to the numerous events taking place during Lithuanian Design Week. Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Telsiai, and Anyksiai will also host events. Expositions will be held in shop windows and restaurants in all the of the aforementioned cities.

Collaboration with Poland

This year, Poland is being featured as a special guest, in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw and the Poland Institute in Vilnius. Polish designers are joining the spotlight in this year’s festival, and special events dedicated specifically to Polish design will be on display.

Last year, Hungary was the special guest country, and numerous designers are returning for a second year in collaboration with the Lithuanian Design Festival.

2017 Color and Theme

“Leaf green” is the 2017 Design Festival’s color of the year. Voters on Facebook had to decide among leaf green, blueberry blue, and burgundy wine. Leaf green beat out the stiff competition. Visitors will note this color throughout the displays and exhibits across Lithuania.

The 2017 design theme is the five senses — with the sixth sense being that of good design!

Lithuanian Design Week| © Courtesy of Dizaino Savaite

Event Highlights in Vilnius

In Vilnius, the largest event — the Good Design 2017 awards — will be happening on Tuesday evening at the Museum of Applied Arts and Designs. During this event, designers will be judged, and winners will be selected for the most inventive designs. The winning designs will be manufactured by a Lithuanian design company. Note that you must register in advance to attend this event.

The Museum of Applied Arts and Design will host another highlight: “Roundabout Baltic.” The opening of the exhibit will take place on the evening of May 3rd, with a narration presented by the curator. This exhibit was created in collaboration with Polish designers and will be displayed at the museum for six weeks. Roundabout Baltic has previously been exhibited in Latvia, Estonia, Iceland, and Sweden.

Arsenalo g. 3a, Vilnius, Lithuania, +370 5 262 8080

Lithuanian Design Week| © Courtesy of Dizaino Savaite

Another top exhibit to see will be held in the Rotuse (the Vilnius City Hall) and as it will only be on display for six days, this should certainly be a priority. Hungarian designers have created the works exhibited in the Rotuse.

Didžioji g. 31, Vilnius, Lithuania, +370 85 261 8007

Other events will be held at the Vilnius Art Academy, Domus Galerija, House of Naive, and more. A full list of events can be found on the Lithuanian Design Forum’s website.

Lithuanian Design Week| © Courtesy of Dizaino Savaite

Event Highlights in Kaunas

In Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city and the 2022 European Capital of Culture, visit the Pienocentro Rumai at Laisves al. 55 for art installations and workshops. The Pienocentro Rumai is a reconditioned building that once housed a milk processing facility. It is now an architectural delight! The Graduation Projects 2016 display, which is a showcase of graduate art projects from numerous Central European countries, will also be held at this location. Both 2D and 3D industrial designs will be showcased from May 1st until May 7th.

Lithuanian Design Week| © Courtesy of Dizaino Savaite

Event Highlights in Klaipeda

Lithuania’s cozy port city of Klaipeda will also feature art installations and exhibitions in collaboration with the brand new Kulturos Fabrikas, a co-opted space and events center. Visitors can feel free to stop by from May 2nd until May 6th for architectural, home design, and other design-themed events.


Watch below to see some of last year’s exhibitions!