A Travelling Family's Guide to Lithuania

Klaipeda city | © Mantas Volungevicius/Flickr
Klaipeda city | © Mantas Volungevicius/Flickr
Lithuania is a beautiful country with forests, lakes, towns and historic monuments. There are many tourist spots that are kid-friendly and perfect for a wonderful family trip. If you are coming to the Baltic State with your kids, read this guide, and book your tickets today!

Lithuania Zoo

The Lithuania Zoo, in wonderful Kaunas, is a dreamland for every kid. There are more than 200 animal species living in 15.66 hectares of land. The staff makes sure that every animal is happy and healthy and has great living conditions. When you leave the zoo, you can walk around the beautiful streets of Kaunas, and try traditional Lithuanian foods at some of the best restaurants.

Kaunas zoo © edituke/Flickr

Druskininkai AquaPark

Druskininkai is a wonderful resort town in Lithuania, full of quality restaurants, spas, hotels and bars. There is also a huge aqua park, perfect for families; kids can enjoy the more exciting attractions while parents relax in the sauna or jacuzzi. Families who enjoy winter sports should head next door for the only indoor snow arena in Lithuania.

Shopping Centers

Vilnius is the best place for shopping in Lithuania. There are plenty of big malls, where you can buy anything you desire, or even go skiing, watch a movie or do some bowling. The most popular malls are Akropolis, Ozas and Panorama.

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The Baltic Sea

There are many beautiful sandy beaches in Lithuania, so if you happen to visit this stunning country in summer, you cannot miss the Baltic Sea. What could be better than a family holiday spent building sand castles and crashing into the waves with your kids? Although all the coastal towns are wonderful, Nida, on the Curonian Spit, has become the most popular and is surrounded by forests and well-preserved dunes.

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Traditional Food

It would be a shame not to try the most delicious Lithuanian dishes while traveling through the Baltic States. From cold beetroot soup to sweets to juicy meat to potato dishes, Lithuanian cuisine has it all! The best restaurants are in the bigger cities, but if you want a more authentic experience, visit a tavern on the highway, or ask your local friend to prepare homemade food for you!


Visit Trakai to see the most magnificent ancient castle in Lithuania, surrounded by the Trakai lake. The food in Trakai is amazing and different from the rest of the country, as the Karaims who live in this area value their traditions and cuisine. Water sports, including paddle boarding, yachting or rowing, are also a popular pastime here.


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