7 Incredible Songs to Help You Learn Lithuanian

Syrniki|© youtube
Syrniki|© youtube
Photo of Kasparas Asmonaitis
25 September 2017

Lithuanian language is one of the most difficult languages to learn; it may even sound quite odd at first, because it has no connection with most of the remaining spoken languages in the world. However, there are plenty of incredible songs, which could help you improve your Lithuanian knowledge and learn some new words to impress locals.

Andrius Mamontavas – ‘Saulės miestas’

Andrius Mamontavas is probably the most talented lyricist that Lithuania has ever seen. His songs are meaningful and reach the deepest parts of every listener’s soul. Saulės miestas or ‘City of Sun,’ is a song about having hope even when everything seems dark. Andrius sends a powerful message with his words ‘Brolau, laikykis, nenusimink,’ which translates to ‘Brother, hang on, don’t get upset.’ This song has helped many Lithuanians find a will to go on and is good learning material for people who want to master the usage of the Lithuanian language.

Marijonas Mikutavičius – ‘Trys milijonai’

Many Lithuanians call Trys Milijonai Lithuania’s unofficial anthem, so you would hardly find a person who couldn’t sing this song by heart. It was originally written by Marijonas Mikutavičius for the 2000 Sydney Olympics but soon became the headline song of every Lithuanian sports event. One line ‘Juk mes ne iš tų, kur pralaimi dar nenugalėti’ translates to ‘We are not the ones who lose before it’s over,’ and shows Lithuanians’ strong character to fight till the end, no matter what. Learn this song, and you will understand Lithuanians’ passion for sports, especially basketball.

Leon Somov & Jazzu – ‘Tyla’

Leon Somov & Jazu is the most popular group in Lithuania today, and its electronic pop music makes Lithuanians fall in love with the world. Tyla is a beautiful and calm song about deep and true love, which doesn’t need many words. ‘I believe in your silence. My home is your soul,’ is the line which best shows the brilliance of Leon Somov & Jazzu lyrics.

Fojė – ‘Laužo šviesa’

Fojė was one of Lithuanian music groups which actively fought for Lithuanian independence through their music. The single Laužo Šviesa has become the anthem of freedom in Lithuania, and it still brings a lot of nostalgia and proud memories to the older Lithuanians. It is funny that the author of the text, Andrius Mamontavas, did not intend Laužo Šviesa to be a song about freedom. However, Lithuanians had other thoughts for this song, and, today, it is one of the sacred Lithuanian songs, which you better know if you want to impress the locals.

Biplan – ‘Labas rytas’

Biplan is an incredible soft rock group, which creates wonderful and funny texts. Labas Rytas translates to ‘Good morning’ and is a song about a guy who promises to love his girl even stronger every single morning. It is definitely one of those nostalgic songs which every Lithuanian listened to back in the day when they fell in love for the first time.

G&G Sindikatas – ‘Darome Hip-Hop’

G&G Sindikatas is a revolutionary hip-hop band in Lithuania, active for over 20 years now and still remains among the most popular Lithuanian bands. G&G Sindikatas songs might sound like some alien art project for people who don’t speak Lithuanian, but on a positive note, if you can understand Lithuanian hip-hop, you can definitely speak the language. Also, every G&G Sindikatas song has deep meaning and brilliant lyrics.

SEL – ‘Aš žiūriu į tave, pasauli’

SEL is the most controversial Lithuanian band by a clear mile. Many people dislike the lead singer of SEL, Egidijus Dragūnas, because of his attitude and behavior, but his talent is undeniable. For many years now, SEL is the go-to band. People are crazy for SEL, so you need to know at least a couple of its songs to understand Lithuanian culture.

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