6 Unique Souvenirs You Can Only Get in Lithuania

Lithuanian flag| ©Anemone Nemorosa/Flickr
Lithuanian flag| ©Anemone Nemorosa/Flickr
Photo of Kasparas Asmonaitis
5 December 2017

It is important for tourists to see all the most beautiful spots of the place they are visiting, but it is as important to bring home some unique souvenirs and surprise all the friends and family members. And Lithuania is a perfect place for buying souvenirs and things which are hard to get anywhere else in the world.

Amber necklace

Amber is without a doubt the most precious Lithuanian stone, which every local person is proud of. Even though amber can be collected in other places of the world, it is commonly believed that the Baltic amber has the highest quality. That is why all the amber products are extremely popular in Lithuania, with amber necklaces being the top pick when it comes to shopping for souvenirs. There are many places where you can buy amber necklaces, from street markets to luxurious boutiques, but Ambertale tops them all.

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Mead is most likely the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, even though its popularity has waned over the centuries and it is not widely consumed nowadays. Lithuania, however, has deep traditions in making mead, so it is a great idea to bring mead back home as a souvenir for people who love tasting high-quality alcoholic beverages. Lietuviškas Midus is the biggest manufacturer of mead in Lithuania, and they also sell mead in special boxes as gifts and souvenirs.

Lithuanian basketball jersey

People in Lithuania are crazy about basketball, and most of the locals dress up in Lithuanian National basketball team colors when their country is playing in any big tournaments such as EuroBasket or the Olympic Games. So, buying the jersey of Lithuanian basketball team as a souvenir is always a great idea. Also, there are quite a lot of uniquely-designed jerseys to choose from, especially in the Superfanas shop.

Lithuanian basketball fans | ©Andrius Petrucenia/Flickr

Unseen Lithuania photo album

Unseen Lithuania is a wonderful photo album of the most beautiful Lithuanian landscapes taken by Lithuanian artist Marius Jovaiša. All the photos are extraordinary on their own, but when in one place, they tell an unforgettable story of how amazing Lithuania is. Many locals have Unseen Lithuania in their households as well because it is impossible not to fall in love with such a wonderful piece of art. You can buy Unseen Lithuania from the official shop.

Lithuanian flag

The Lithuanian flag consists of three colors: yellow, green, and red. Yellow symbolizes the sun, the light, and everything that is bright. Green signifies hope and the beautiful Lithuanian nature, while red represents courage and all the blood which was shed while fighting for freedom. The Lithuanian flag is quite a unique souvenir to bring home as you will always remember your time in Lithuania just by looking at that flag. There are many shops where you can purchase the Lithuanian flag while in this wonderful country, so don’t miss your opportunity.

Black Amber

Instead of buying amber necklace as a souvenir, you can buy pure amber, which can be later used in making wonderful homemade jewelry or talismans. Black amber is also extremely popular in Lithuania as people believe that it brings good energy and saves you from all the threats and problems. Actually, anything made from Lithuanian amber is the best souvenir that you can ever find while traveling.

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