The 5 Best Budget Airbnbs in Riga

Courtesy of Liga
Courtesy of Liga
Photo of Kasparas Asmonaitis
5 February 2018

Riga is a wonderful place to visit for budget travellers who want to see beautiful sights, eat delicious traditional food and enjoy long conversations with locals in the bars and cafés. Here are the best affordable Airbnbs you will find around Riga.

Central Two-level Apartment

Tom, the owner of this charmer says that it’s among the most popular listings in Riga and that he even hosted the founder of Airbnb. It is in central Riga, which makes it a perfect spot for people who don’t want to miss out on any action. Tom is also an extremely friendly and warm person who is always ready to help his guests.

Courtesy of Tom

Exceptionally Cosy Studio

Up to four people can stay in this studio for just $25 per night, making it a superb choice for budget travellers and small groups of friends. The unique design will make you feel comfortable and cosy from the second you enter. Also, it has a loft, which makes the main area feel more spacious.

Courtesy of Eliza

Central Location With Many Extras

Al is a wonderful host who will make sure that your stay at his apartment is unforgettable and wonderful. Up to four people can rent this cheap Airbnb for only $20 per night. This apartment is only a 15-minute walk from Old Town. It is also worth mentioning that Al is a professional hiking guide, so you might arrange a trek to Gauja National Park or any other place around Riga.

Courtesy of Al

Romantic Private Room

This is the best choice for romantic couples who want to have a great time in Riga. The apartment is extremely cosy and has all the amenities you could ever ask for on a holiday. It is right in the heart of the Old Town, so all the best attractions are just outside. It only costs $12 per night, and the previous guests have left outstanding reviews.

Courtesy of Liga

Courtesy of Liga

Cosy Room With Netflix in The Center of Riga

People who don’t want to miss their favourite Netflix shows should consider staying in this apartment, which includes a PC and access to Netflix. Additionally, it has everything you’ll need, from the comfortable bed to fully equipped kitchen to a friendly host who has a YouTube podcast and always invites his guests to talk about Riga and their experience. So, if you want to become a YouTube star during your trip to Latvia, you know where to go.

Courtesy of Lauris