A Comprehensive Neighborhood Guide to Riga

Miera Street | © Ignat Gorazd/ Flickr
Miera Street | © Ignat Gorazd/ Flickr
Photo of Kasparas Asmonaitis
4 August 2017

Riga is a wonderful city where you can do whatever your heart desires, from visiting informative museums and partying till dawn to walking through historic streets and relaxing in nature. Every neighborhood in Riga is special and unique, so it is important to do your research before visiting this historic city.

The Old Town

Without a doubt, Riga’s Old Town is the place that must be first on your list during your visit to Riga. The historic center of Riga belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its importance and historic value. The best bars and restaurants are located here, so be sure to try traditional Latvian food after you have finished walking through the delightful and narrow streets and taking pictures of Riga’s architectural heritage.

The Old Town | © Gytis Liutkus/ Flickr


Āgenskalns is located on the left bank of Daugava River. This old neighborhood was built for the most part in the 19th century, and you can still see an abundance of small wooden houses in this area. Also, Āgenskalns is an extremely popular neighborhood to visit because of its old and lively market, where you can purchase many different things from fresh produce to clothes. On top of that, there are some wonderful parks in the Āgenskalns neighborhood you can visit to escape from the city lights.

Āgenskalns | © Elina Baltpurviņa/ Flickr


The Mežaparks, or “forest park,” neighborhood is the best place to stay in Riga during the summer. It is located in Northern District of Riga near Ķīšezers Lake and many green areas, so if you love jogging in the morning, you will also love Mežaparks. That said, Mežaparks is also absolutely gorgeous during the winter, when snow paints the streets in white. Many lovely cafés add even more flavor to this neighborhood. Also, you can visit the Riga Zoo and meet many well-treated animals. The traditional Latvian Song and Dance Festival is hosted in this neighborhood once every five years in early July.

Mežaparks | © Dainis Matisons/ Flickr

Miera Iela in Brasa

People who enjoy hipster culture must visit Miera Iela (Peace Street) at least once in their lifetime, because it is often named the most hipster neighborhood in the world. Modern art galleries, funky cafés, vintage and boutique shops, and green areas make Miera Street a true hipster’s heaven. At night, the street comes back to life as many young people gather there to have some fun and meet new people.

Miera Street | © Ignat Gorazd/ Flickr


The Teika neighborhood might be similar to many other “sleepy neighborhoods” of Riga, but it is definitely worth a visit. You can see many old brick buildings left from the Soviet Union era. Today, those buildings are still an inherent part of most Riga’s neighborhoods. Also, there are a lot of student dorms in Teika, making it one of the liveliest areas in Riga.