You Can Now Rent a Villa in This Enchanting Italian Ghost Town

© Thoom / Shutterstock
© Thoom / Shutterstock
So, if you ever have one of those moments where you’ve just had enough, and want to put two fingers up to the world and escape to your own deserted (almost) hilltop village in Italy, it’s your lucky day.

Civita di Bagnoregio village was basically a ghost town after it was left decimated by landslides and earthquakes. In fact, so many people were scared that they left for good, so a load of Italians began campaigning to save the village from being lost forever. Luckily, they succeeded thanks to a global awareness campaign. How did they do it? Well, locals just started charging visitors €1.50 (about $1.67) to enter the medieval village. And boom—village maintenance funds covered.

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But that’s not enough, of course. Now tourists like you can do even more to help the economy by renting a villa in the heart of the village. Listed on Airbnb, the palatial apartment is going for €527 a night ($560).

According to the ad on Airbnb, Domus Civita is a 14th-century palazzo that sits on top of underground caves, Etruscan tombs, and a rather old Roman water cistern. The floor tiles, the stone fireplace and the ceiling beams are all original, though the interiors are decorated to a high modern standard. Oh, and there’s an outdoor kitchen, grill, charming little harden, private wine cellar (SOLD!) hot tub and heated pool too.

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The 1,200-year old Etruscan settlement is only accessible via a footbridge suspended over a valley, and offers breathtaking views into the ravines, the sea and beyond—why wouldn’t you want to go?

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Only 10 people live in the village (yes, 10) so don’t expect any shops, but if you get in contact in advance, the owners of the Airbnb pad are happy to stock the fridge before you arrive. A private chef is also available on demand, and breakfast can be delivered to your door. #luxury.