Where To Go Jewelry Shopping In Rome

Perlei | © Livia Hengel
Perlei | © Livia Hengel
Photo of Livia Hengel
31 August 2016

Italy is known for its alta moda, high fashion, and impeccable sense of style. From head to toe, it’s the centuries of fine craftsmanship and careful attention to detail that sets the country apart from others. After you’ve checked out designer shopping near the Spanish Steps and independent boutiques in Monti, stop by these locally-owned jewelry shops for a piece of the city you can take home with you.


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Co.Ro. is the creation of two young Roman architects who combine their academic background with jewelry-making to create one-of-a-kind architecture-à-porter jewelry with strong roots to the city. The geometric and avant-guard pieces are often reminiscent of industrial structures in the city, such as the Gasometro bracelet (a tribute to Rome’s abandoned gasometer in the Ostiense district) and the Colosseo ring (inspired by the “square Colosseum” Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in the fascist EUR neighborhood). All jewelry is manufactured entirely by hand, from the design and modeling with a wax mold to the metal fusion and final gold layer coating.


Iosselliani is another Roman-born brand beloved by trendsetters and celebrities worldwide. These refined high end costume jewelry creations are conceptualized by an architect with close supervision by a designer, resulting in truly unique items. The first collection, launched in 1997, showcased metallic mesh pieces made of steel and silver and immediately propelled the brand to success. Iosselliani combines tradition with innovation, with nods to symbolism and imagery of classic jewelry.

Iosselliani: Via del Leone 21, Rome, Italy, +39 06 4544 9987


This artisan shop excels at colorful jewelry, gravity-defying metals and playful bijoux. Perlei‘s artistic pieces might look like they belong in a modern art museum gift shop but they are exceedingly wearable, adding a touch of pop to any outfit. Many creations are asymmetrical and use mixed materials including silk, PVC and stones. The base material is silver, often finished in gold or bronze, and crafted into various different shapes – both funky and more subdued.

Perlei | © Livia Hengel

Di San Giacomo

If you’re into summery jewelry that incorporates bright stones and like your sandals bedazzled, you’ll love the creations at Di San Giacomo. This boutique creates customized leather sandals kicked up a notch with gorgeous semi-precious stones, pearls, beads and Swarovski crystals. Be prepared for the royal treatment as you sit on a velvet throne while the artisans take note of all your sizing and preferences to create your dream sandals. Di San Giacomo also has a whole range of more traditional jewelry, from charm bracelets and necklaces to broaches and hair clips.

Di San Giacomo: Via di Tor Millina 10/11, Rome, Italy, +39 06 9684 7938


If you’re into more bohemian jewelry, Officine is a petite boutique with a wonderful range of affordable accessories. It was originally born as a jewelry and purse store and Federica, the designer, continues to make the items by hand. The bijoux are always on trend and wearable, often matching the clothes stocked in the store. Officine’s style is fun and casual and the emphasis here is on color and craftsmanship.