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Villa Mangiacane
Villa Mangiacane | © Airbnb
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This Is the Number One Most Expensive Airbnb in the World

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 22 May 2018
Get ready for heart emojis to pop up in your eyeballs because this is the most expensive Airbnb in the world and it is absolutely dreamy.

Villa Machiavelli in San Casciano, Tuscany is the property that Italian summer dreams are made of. Located in the heart of the Chianti region, the fully renovated 10-bedroom mansion is the epitome of luxury, complete with both indoor and outdoor pools, sprawling grounds, a majestic terrace overlooking the vineyards and a gym onsite.

Villa Mangiacane | © Airbnb

But staying in this killer pad definitely comes at a price. One night starts at $11,658 and can be even more extortionate in high season. The issue is though, the property actually has a four-night minimum stay so the least you’re going to be spending on this baby is $49,948 (including the $3,318 service fee).

Villa Mangiacane | © Airbnb

Though the price is steep to say the least, the estate really does offer fantastic bang for your buck. Breakfast is included in the stay and the incredible round marble bathtub in the master bathroom almost feels like a bucket list experience in and of itself.

Villa Mangiacane | © Airbnb

Plus, being in Chianti, you’ll have some of the best wine in the world to enjoy by the pool, on the terrace, in bed, in the tub… the possibilities are truly endless!

Villa Mangiacane | © Airbnb

Also, the property can host 16 people so if you break the price down that’s around $781 dollars a night per person. Although, to be honest, that number doesn’t feel all that more friendly than the original.

Villa Mangiacane | © Airbnb