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There Could Be a Bridge From The Italian Mainland to Sicily in our Future
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There Could Be a Bridge From The Italian Mainland to Sicily in our Future

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Updated: 22 December 2017
Although the saying varies depending on where you are, you will often hear some form of this phrase: ‘Sicily is the gem on the end of the boot’. Linked together by a gallant history and shared culture, Sicily and the main land of Italy are still very much their own entities. They maintain varying cuisines, dialects, customs and landscapes in some places, but soon, they may be more accessible to each other than ever before. Find out what this could mean for travelers, tourism and Italy as a whole.

If you’re standing on the beach in Taormina, or farther east at the docks near the more northeast Messina, your eye will ineventibly gravitate to the horizon. On a clear day you will see a collection of rolling hills resting on the skyline, and you will be looking at the mainland of Italy. The stretch of water sepearating these two territories is just over three kilometres at its thinnest points and connects the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Although you can hop on a ferry from Messina in Sicily to parts of Calabria on the mainland, the idea has been pitched to build a bridge between the two areas. Originally hatched years ago, and pursued again in 2009 by the former prime minister, this idea has been assessed a few times and then abandoned. Now the concept is being revi