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The Top 8 Must-See Museums in Catania, Italy
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The Top 8 Must-See Museums in Catania, Italy

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Updated: 10 November 2017
Catania is the second largest city in Sicily and is a central hub for prominent and enduring works of art, architecture, and scholarship. While traversing this magnificent province, be sure to visit the best possible museums that cater to every breed of art connoisseur. Each one showcases a different aspect of Catania’s history, passion, and culture.
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Museum of Contemporary Art Sicily

Tucked into a picturesque alleyway, steps away from the bustling city center, this museum is hard to find, but it is certainly worth the effort. The Museum of Contemporary Art Sicily houses a variety of unique and exquisite collections. With perfect and meticulous lighting on each individual piece, as well as a clean, quiet atmosphere, it’s easy to get lost in the variety. From translucent glass-blown sculptures to an assortment of vivid oils and acrylic paintings, all art lovers will be appeased.

Museum of Contemporary Art Siciliy, Via S. Francesco D’Assisi, 30, Catania CT, Italy,
+39 095 6172035

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Contemporary Museum of Art | © Aubrey Martin

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Chiesa San Benedetto

A few strides from the Museum of Contemporary Art, you will find Chiesa San Benedetto. The building itself is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture dating to the early 18th century and is an artistic trademark of Catania. Discover the original layout of the ancient structure, explore historic artifacts and ascend the divine Staircase of Angels that leads to the church entrance. Inside the chapel, you will be absorbed by the vibrant and intense ceiling and golden alter. Learn about the distinguished artist, Giovani Tuccari of Messina, who painted the interior fresco, and admire the enchanting atmosphere.

Chiesa San Benedetto, Via Teatro Greco, 2, Catania CT, Italy, +39 095 7152207

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Chiesa San Benedetto | © Aubrey Martin

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Museo Emilio Greco

Occupying the aesthetic Piazza San Francesco D’Assisi, the Museo Emilio Greco will acquaint you with the unique and diverse style of the eponymous artist. View his etchings, lithographs, and sculptures, as well as works by some of his influences. Gain knowledge about the artist and his well-rooted history in Catania. Navigate through the skillfully organized rooms, bright stairwells, and terraces of this stunning collection and building.

Museo Emilio Greco, Piazza San Francesco D’Assisi, 3, Catania CT, Italy, +39 095 317654

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Museo Emilio Greco | © Aubrey Martin

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Museo Civico Belliniano

Nestled in beside the Museo Emilio Greco is the former residence of Vincenzo Bellini, one of the most celebrated musicians of Sicily. Walk through this monumental artist’s childhood home, and go back through history to revisit the early 19th century. Discover the timeline of the renowned maestro, his early motivations and development. Sectioned chronologically from room to room, visitors can examine artifacts, memorabilia, early works, and dedications to one of the most widely revered and famous composers, opera singers, and artists of Sicily.

Museo Civico Belliniano, Piazza S. Francesco, 3, Catania CT, Italy, +39 095 715 0535

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Museo Civico Belliniano | © Aubrey Martin

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Castello Ursino

This majestic 13th century castle not only provides incredible views of the city, but it also possesses some of the most timeless pieces of art in the region. With four floors, this stately gallery draws you into a captivating realm of antiquity. It features ancient Roman busts, priceless oil paintings by Caravaggio and other well-known Italian artists and contains an open-air courtyard with intricately carved walls and the remnants of discarded Roman and Greek columns. Lastly, it serves as a hotel with a halcyon apartment available for booking if you are intrigued by staying in a perennial masterpiece.

Castello Ursino, Piazza Federico di Svevia, 24, Catania CT, Italy, +39 095 345830

20170306_110655 (2)

Castello Ursino | © Aubrey Martin

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Archaeological Complex Terme Della Rotonda

Sandwiched between the narrow lanes of Catania and slanted Italian dwellings is the quaint but enticing Terme della Rotonda. The distinctive design of the structure, built between the 1st and 2nd century AD, originally served as a Roman spa. Entry is free, so you can meander through the original space and find yourself on the floor of the main complex, enthralled by the interior frescoes and ancient art that cover the walls and base of the dome. The original blueprints for the building are on display with a guide of its dated layout.

Terme della Rotonda, Mecca Square, Catania CT, Italy, +39 095 715 0951

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Terme della Rotonda | © Aubrey Martin

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The Odeon Amphitheater

Originally a Greek theatre, rebuilt by Romans to resemble their differing design, this massive complex recreates the age of ancient dramas and battles. Not only can you pace the tiered stadium made almost entirely of lava rocks, you can also course through the entire interior, which is lined with discarded pillars, balusters, and sculptures. Get lost in the inner maze, and discover clandestine entries and exits to the sunken foundation of the structure where aquatic wars were once re-enacted. After, you can explore the area, now converted into a seminar space and the luxurious apartment with original furnishings, utilities and art.

Teatro Greco Romano Odeon Catania, Via Teatro Greco, Catania CT, Italy, +39 095 715 0508

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Teatro Greco Romano Odeon | © Aubrey Martin

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Catania Museum of Cinema

This charming gallery retells the story of cinema in Catania and its contributions to the world of film during the early 20th century. The space is a whimsical sphere of film appreciation where visitors explore the multitude of historical documents and equipment on display that are part of the analysis of the role Sicily played in early cinematography. The recreated apartments belonged to scenes of famous films, vintage lighting tools, classical movie posters, and snaps from various movie sets through the years. Relive the varying eras that existed within the majestic realm of cinema and it’s tether to the history of Sicily culture.

Catania Museum of Cinema, Piazzale Rocco Chinnici, Catania CT, Italy, +39 095 401 1928