The Top 10 Things To Do With Kids in Sardinia

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21 December 2017

It is a priceless opportunity to be able to share a different country and culture with your children. Thankfully Sardinia, and most of Italy, is packed with activities and excursions geared towards family enjoyment. You will never have a bored moment when visiting the Sardinian area with your kids as it provides an abundance of recreations to make your trip as special, fun, and memorable as you could want. Here are just a few of the amusing ways to spend the day with your youngsters while traveling through Sardinia.

1. Acquario di Cala Gonone

An entertaining way to spend a morning or afternoon in Sardinia is to marvel at their broad collection of vibrant fish, brilliant corals and numerous other exhibits featured at their aquarium. You and the family will get to peek into the lives of Mediterranean fish, sea urchins and sharks as you make way your way through their colourful museum. Visit the touch tank where you and the kids can slide your hands over the slick spines of stingrays, or the nubby arms of bright starfish. An educational and leisurely enjoyment is perfect for the family tribe.

Acquario di Cala Conone, Via La Favorita Cala Gonone, Dorgali NU, Italy
+39 0784 920052


Sea Urchin Alghero, Sardinia | Marco Busdragh

2. Beach day

Work on your tan while relaxing with your family on one of the many magnificent beaches in Sardinia. Gentle ebbing waves lap the beach, and shimmer in the warm sun rays that often grace the area. Watch as your kids splash in the blue tropical sea, dig in the smooth sand or search the pebble shores for the coolest ones. You can go to some of the popular beaches such as Campana where you can play in the massive sand dunes, rent kayaks and paddle boards or go wind surfing. However you choose to spend your beach day, it will leave you all happily exhausted but ready for more.

Campana Dune Beach, Via Grecale 7, Domus De Maria CA, Italy

Coast Sardinia Sea Mediterranean Turquoise Beach

Sardinia Mediterranean | MaxPixel

3. Explore the caves

Sardinia is not only is enclosed by a series of pristine beaches but also a network of caves and grottos waiting to be toured. You can investigate these glimmering coves on foot or by arranging a guided ferry ride into the watery lairs. One of the popular family-friendly caves is Grotto di Nettuno (Neptune’s Grotto), showcasing a cerulean lake and an array of natural pillars. While learning about the formation of these caves you will get to observe the mysterious underground chamber of the island. Perfect for kids of all ages and an interesting activity for everyone.

Blue Grotto | Bluestones/PixaBay

4. Enjoy the cuisine together

Sardinia is one of the premier places to try traditional Italian recipes and experience the rich culture built around the act of dining. So, when staying on this island it’s important to try out some customary dishes and local delicacies together. If you’re kids are pasta lovers they should try Malloreddus, a small shell shaped pasta infused with herbs. It is a flavorful meal, and can be splashed with a variety of home-made sauces. If you’re feeling more adventures you can test out fresh fish lunches or dinners, or stick with what everyone loves, one of a kind Italian pizza.

Italian Pizza | falovelykids/PixaBay

5. Get outdoors

Sardinia is occupied by a series of nature preserves and parks packed with some of the lushest plant life and most serene views. Various regions of Sardinia offer a number of hiking routes to fill your day and display the natural wonder of the island. You can tackle these explorations with a guide or just the family. The Orosei trail is favoured among locals and visitors alike. Ascending a limestone hill and navigating through the fauna of the area, you’ll come to a stunning view of the landscape and nearby beaches. The trek lasts around three and a half hours.

Italy Hiking | Fabrizio Verrecchia/WikiCommons

6. See Sardinia on horseback

While you’re relishing in the great outdoors, arrange a horseback tour through the surrounding countryside with your family. You will have the opportunity to learn about the classic history of horseback riding on the island and agriculture while you spectate beautiful beaches and fields. There are multiple places to arrange this fun excursion and it is geared towards beginner and intermediate riders. This is a wonderful family outing package that lets the kids interact with animals while seeing unparalleled sights hearing about history.

Horses | pxhere

7. Lap up some local ice cream

Italy is renowned for its delicious desserts and pastries, a wonderland of sweets for all ages. Take a break from adventuring and make sure to try creamy Italian gelato or granita. Served up in a variety of delicious flavors such as pistachio, hazelnut, coffee and strawberry, there is something for everyone. A refreshing and flavourful treat that encapsulates the tropical island vibe with tangy and colorful flavors. A popular site to find this wonderful ice cream is Chiccheria, a well known pastry shop celebrated for its incredible homemade gelato.

Gelateria Chiccheria, Via Vittorio Emanuele II 2, Villasimius CA, Italy
+39 331 569 4256

Cool down at the water park

Amusement Park, Park
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Water slide
Water slide | mrkt/PixaBay
If you want an exciting afternoon away from the bustling city or busy beaches, Sardinia also contains a couple of grand water parks to cool down at. The kids can shoot down slippery slides, do laps in the many pools or simply explore the Mediterranean-style playground. Water Paradise is a well-known spot to beat the heat with your family, promoting epic wide slides and water fountain areas fun for small children, as well as spaces for volleyball and other activities.

9. Hop on the train

A number of small, charming trains course through the many sectors of Sardinia, but one of the most famed of these locomotives is the Little Green Train. It does provide transportation for locals but has specific routes for visitors that are shorter and packed with views of idyllic mountain villages, abandoned old stations and romantic pastures and crop fields. From here you will learn about day-to-day customs of locals and have the opportunity to check out little towns and locales along the way.

Italy Trains | Elliott Brown/Flickr

10. The Sardinia miniature park

One of the most enchanting and gleeful amusements to visit with the family in Sardinia is their Miniature Park, which showcases a small trimmed lawn, an astronomy museum, a pathway through a botanical area, a Darwin display and an aviary. Stuffed with intriguing activities, pleasant gardens and spectacles, this park is an ideal place to have fun with your family.

Sardinia Miniature Park, Localita Riu Lardi, Tuili VS, Italy
+39 370 135 7035

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