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The Top 10 Restaurants In Verona
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The Top 10 Restaurants In Verona

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Updated: 9 February 2017
While most tourists are drawn to the Venetian city of Verona in order to visit Juliet’s House, one taste of the local dishes will make them want to stay even longer. Check out our guide to the top 10 restaurants in Verona for a gastronomic tour of the ancient city.
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Restaurant Il Desco

Just two steps away from Juliet’s home, there exists a palazzo where you can taste the elegant flavors of Chef Elia Rizzo’s gourmet dishes. Although the dining room’s decor is contemporary, the food served is an example of classic Italian attention to detail. Winning a star from the Michelin guide, Il Desco also offers a tasting menu for those who want to try all the traditional and innovative ingredients that Rizzo uses in his dishes. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are also available.

Restaurant Il Desco, Via Dietro S. Sebastiano, 7, Verona, Italy, +39 045 595358

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Casa Perbellini

Casa Perbellini has an open kitchen so guests can watch their meals being prepared. The dining room only allows for 24 guests at a time but promotes an intimate atmosphere. With two Michelin stars, Chef Perbellini has become one of the most celebrated chefs in Italy, famous for his sesame wafer with branzino tartare and braised veal cheek.

Casa Perbellini, Piazza San Zeno, 16, Verona, Italy, +39 045 878 0860

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Osteria la Fontanina

Between the Roman Theater and Ponte Pietra, Osteria La Fontainia has continued its legacy of hospitality for over 200 years. Owners Nicola and Marta Tapparini have managed the restaurant since 1984, seeking to serve creative meat and fish dishes. Not to be missed is the Venetian-style baccalà served with polenta.

Osteria La Fontanina, Portichetti Fontanelle,3, Verona, Italy, + 39 045 913305

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Pizzeria al tagio da Zio Lele

Pizzeria al taglio da Zio Lele serves more than 50 flavors of pizza. Open every day, the restaurant also offers delivery if you don’t feel up to leaving your hotel room. Celebrated for its interesting use of ingredients, this pizzeria only uses the freshest ingredients as well as dairy products from the Veronese Mountains.

Pizzeria al tagio da Zio Lele, Via Santa Maria Rocca Maggiore, 6A, Verona, Italy, + 39 349 333 3490

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Ristorante Oseleta

Ristorante Oseleta serves dishes inspired by Venetian traditions. The inspired flavors are paired with carefully selected wines and the venue boasts beautiful views of the Veronese hills.

Ristorante Oseleta, Cavaion Veronese, Verona, Italy, + 39 045 723 5287

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La Bottega Della Gina

Though small in size La Bottega della Gina offers a comfortable setting to try homemade pastas and local products. Famous for its tortellini, made by Gina and her staff every day, the restaurant offers interesting choices, such as tortellone zucchine pomodorini and scampi.

La Bottega Della Gina, Via Fama, Verona, Italy, + 39 045 594725

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Vecio Macello

Just a short walk from the touris center, Vecio Macello is a restaurant that offers a traditional Venetian menu. Take advantage of the location’s vicinity to water by tasting 15 different fish with the seafood tasting menu. For those not so keen on fish, try the pasta e fagioli.

Vecio Macello, Via Macello 8,Verona, Italy, + 39 045 803 0348

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Trattoria Dal Gal

Popular Trattoria Dal Gal serves dishes that highlight local ingredients of the highest and freshest quality. The Trattoria is particularly famous for its homemade pastas paired with seasonal vegetables and wines from the Veneto region.

Trattoria Dal Gal, Via Don Gregorio Segala 39/B, Verona, Italy, +39 045 890 0966

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Pescheria I Masenini

Trattoria i Masenini is conveniently located near the Arena in the city center. Situated in the area where the city’s fish market used to stand, Masenini is a seafood restaurant where you can enjoy dishes such as sea bass with fresh tomatoes or, t-bone steak cooked on the spit right in front of you.

Trattoria I Masenini, Via Roma, 34, Verona, Italy, +39 045 806 5169

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La Taverna di Via Stella

Looking to try local food at modest prices? La Taverna di Via Stella creates traditional Veronese dishes which are simple and delicious. Try the patissada, a stew made from horse meat, look above your head and the hanging hams may help inspire you to keep trying more of what this little place has to offer.

La Taverna di Via Stella, Via Stella, 5/c, Verona, Italy, +39 045 800 8008