The Top 10 Restaurants in Cinque Terre, Italy

The Top 10 Restaurants in Cinque Terre, Italy
Rooted in antiquity, Cinque Terre is home to five fishing villages set amid some of the most dramatic and beautiful coastal scenery in the Italian Riviera. Five towns – Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Monterosso, and Vernazza – make up Cinque Terre, which isn’t just known for its gorgeous views, but also its great food. Here are 10 of its best restaurants.
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Enoteca Dau Cila

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Seafood pasta
Seafood pasta | @Mabel Lu/Flickr
You can’t go wrong at Enoteca Dau Cila, which boasts dishes made from locally sourced ingredients like their fish, lemons, homemade pasta and herbs. Inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine, Dau Cila offers guests a range of typical seafood and meat dishes. Located right along the harbor side, this charming restaurant boasts both spectacular dishes (don’t miss the lobster gnocchi!) and beautiful by-the-water views.
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A Pie’ de Ma’

Simple, fresh and a little piece of paradise, A Pie’ de Ma’ is a charmingly rustic restaurant and wine bar in Riomaggiore. There’s a romantic and relaxing ambiance here, and guests can expect friendly service and good food – think pastas and seafood dishes. You can also enjoy aperitifs and wine while you watch the sunset behind the cliffs.

Address & telephone number: Via dell’Amore 55, Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy; +39 018 792 1037

Trattoria Dal Billy

Trattoria Dal Billy is not to be missed, especially if passing through Manarola. This trattoria prides itself on the longstanding fisherman tradition that is so central to the towns of Cinque Terre. Whether you order their salted anchovy appetizer or their squid ink pasta with seafood and their freshly caught fish off the coast, this seaside dining spot is the perfect place to end a day of traveling. For dessert, try their Cake Caprese, a chocolate and almond cake.

Address & telephone number: Via Aldo Rollandi 122, Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy; +39 018 792 0628

Nessun Dorma

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
Fried anchovies
Fried anchovies | @James/Flickr
Nessun Dorma offers customers a Mediterranean cuisine rich in garlic bread, bruschetta and antipasti, which is all made with only local produce, cold cuts and cheeses, salads, and fresh fruit. With an extensive wine collection and a variety of craft beers, this dining locale also has a spectacular view of the town below. “Nessun dorma,” which translates as “no one sleeps,” prides itself on being always open. Yes – that’s right, this beautiful restaurant with delicious food never closes, so enjoy!
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Il Pirun

While there aren’t many restaurants in the small town of Corniglia, you’re almost guaranteed to find an excellent meal wherever you go. Il Pirun is a small, slightly hidden enoteca that serves delicious, local fare with dishes such as fried anchovies, gnocchi con pesto, paccherri pasta with shrimp and zucchini, spaghetti and mussels – and, of course, an abundance of Italian wines. Try pairing your dish with a local white or the Sangiovese.

Address & telephone number: Via Fieschi, Corniglia, Cinque Terre, Italy

Osteria a Cantina de Mananan

When you finally arrive at Corniglia after a tough, hilly hike, Cantina de Mananan is a great place to sit back, relax and refresh. A cozy atmosphere with good service that’s centrally located, this osteria is authentic and welcoming for both tourists and locals. Try the walnut ravioli or frutti di mare (seafood pasta), and you can’t leave without having a bite of their famous panna cotta for dessert.

Address & telephone number: Via Fieschi 117, Corniglia, Cinque Terre, Italy; +39 018 782 1166

Ristorante Milky

Ristorante Milky knows how to serve excellent food, with fresh seafood and pasta dishes (like the cappellini with tomatoes, olives and local fish baked in a puff-pastry shell). The wine selection is extensive, and you can expect every meal to be beautifully presented.

Address & telephone number: Via Fegina 104, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy; +39 018 781 7608

Gastronomia San Martino

San Martino prides itself on authentic, genuine Italian cuisine. You’ll find pasta dishes such as trofie with pesto, carbonara and seafood pasta to warm your heart and stomach. Their fresh fish options, which change daily, could be anything from poached salmon in a white wine sauce, to swordfish with pasta. Always fresh and consistently prepared with high standards, San Martino’s food is a must.

Address & telephone number: Via San Martino 3, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy; +39 338 569 9017

Il Pirata

Offering visitors a slice of Sicily, Il Pirata is run by two Sicilian brothers, Gianluca and Massimo. You can expect both sweets and savory dishes here. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s sure to be authentic and delicious: think homemade pastries, cream-filled croissants, panzerotti with ricotta, and millefeuille with chantilly cream. If you’re craving savory dishes, Il Pirata serves up bruschetta with pesto, baked calzoni, sausage rolls, arancini, panini and many other baked specialties.

Address & telephone number: Via Gavino, 36/38, Vernazza, Italy; +39 018 781 2047


Belforte boasts dishes with Ligurian flavors made with simple, fresh ingredients. Dine indoors or on the outdoor terrace, where you’ll have a gorgeous view of the coastline overlooking Monterosso. The menu is extensive, with options like tagliolini with cuttlefish, shrimp and seaweed, scallops with lemon, or soup “Michela” with mixed seafood such as mussels and shellfish in a tomato broth. End the night with some fresh gelato or a tiramisu, and you’re sure to go home happy.

Address & telephone number: Via Guidoni, 42, Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy; +39 018 781 2222