The Top 10 Restaurants In Arezzo, Italy

Pasta with truffle sauce at Dario e Anna | Courtesy of Ristorante Dario e Anna
Pasta with truffle sauce at Dario e Anna | Courtesy of Ristorante Dario e Anna
Photo of Lani Seelinger
9 February 2017

Located about 50 miles south of Florence, the ancient city of Arezzo is well worth a visit. Dating back to around the 5th century BC when it was one of the most important Etruscan cities, the Romans then took over in the first of many changes of power. Now, it offers fascinating ruins, beautiful churches, and a calm atmosphere for visitors. Here are our favorite restaurants in this beautiful city.

Gastronomia Il Cervo

Located right around the corner from one of Arezzo’s biggest draws, the Basilica di San Francesco, you might not expect Gastronomia Il Cervo to be much more than a tourist trap. But here you can find one of your best meals in the city. Their menu is chock full of some of the best dishes that Tuscany has to offer, all of which will come lovingly prepared in very large portions. Insider tip: go for the half portions and share several dishes so that you can try as many of them as possible.

Gastronomia Il Cervo, Via Cavour 38, Arezzo, Italy, +39 0575 20872

Ristorante Cio che Piace

It can be rather difficult to find a high-quality seafood meal in this area of Tuscany, but Ristorante Cio che Piace is the perfect remedy for that. Just a few blocks from the main square, this place may not look much from the outside, but the inside is charmingly decorated, and the menu will wow you. Some of their seafood highlights include mussel and clam appetizers, grilled calamari, octopus in tomato sauce, and grilled tuna steak, which will melt in your mouth.

Ristorante Cio che Piace, Via S. Lorentino 12, Arezzo, Italy, +39 0575 371287

Alo Burger

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Alo Burger is here to prove that not all good food in Arezzo has to be Tuscan. Alo makes a burger that would be memorable even on the other side of the Atlantic, and the restaurant is quick and cheap, with good service to boot. If you’d like a break from drawn out Italian meals with several courses, you can stop here for a delicious meal that will allow you to get back to exploring the town soon after but will also leave you full for hours. If you avoid red meat, their burgers can all be substituted with chicken breasts. And don’t forget dessert, their version of a Sacher Torte is fantastic.

Bistrot 31

An informal setting with gourmet food – this is what you can expect at Bistrot 31. The dishes are artfully crafted, utilizing local ingredients and ancient culinary traditions to put together a feast for both your eyes and your palate. They have excellent tasting menus, where multiple courses will give you a tour through the best of Tuscan cuisine, and the prices are remarkably reasonable. Everyone who works here shares the same passion for the food and drinks that they offer, and their main goal is to pass that passion onto you.

Bistrot 31, Via Guglielmo Oberdan 31, Arezzo, Italy, +39 0575 165 0757

Vineria Ciao

Vineria Ciao is a charming family establishment, offering you the whole package when it comes to tasty food, great wines, and excellent service. As they warn all guests with a sign on the door, don’t come here expecting to be in and out quickly. The food is cooked slowly for the greatest quality, giving you a chance to relax in the atmosphere and really enjoy the courses as they come. You will recognize most of the dishes on the menu, but they’re done so well that it gives them a second life.

Vineria Ciao, Via G. Garibaldi 16, Arezzo, Italy, +39 0575 182 2174

Dario e Anna Gastronomia

Visitors have long recognized Dario e Anna Gastronomia as one of the best options not only in Arezzo but also in the surrounding region. This is fine Tuscan dining at its best, with fine wines and impeccable service to complete the experience. They are rightfully proud of their meat selection, which comes mostly from the different regions in Italy. Order a steak and it will come with a hot stone to complete the cooking process at your table and to your liking. Another dish that comes highly recommended is the truffle pasta – irresistible, as the smell of truffle oil will engulf you as soon as you walk in.

Dario e Anna, Via Vittorio Veneto 14, Arezzo, Italy, +39 0575 902473

Albikokka Restaurant

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At Albikokka Restaurant, you’ll feel like you’re having a meal in a Baroque castle. The sumptuous decor and luxuriant furniture add a particular visual flair to an otherwise excellent meal. When it comes to cuisine, the chefs at Albikokka love to take traditional Tuscan dishes and update them to make new modern classics. They’re always experimenting with the local flavors and ingredients. The dishes come out beautifully plated, so much so that you won’t want to ruin the effect. But don’t worry – there’s always another one to follow, and don’t forget dessert.

Antica Fonte

Restaurant, Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean, $$$
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Representing the other end of traditional Tuscan cuisine is Antica Fonte Restaurant, which strives to give guests the most authentic culinary experience possible. The menu is filled with Tuscan favorites that will arrive all hand cooked to perfection. The handmade pasta is a particular favorite and this is another great place to try a truffle sauce. Some of their antipasti stand out as well, specifically the liver pate and the bruschetta. For something hearty and warm, try the Chianti stew, an excellent mix of the best Tuscan flavors.

Panini & Co.

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for a quick, tasty sandwich. When that mood strikes in Arezzo, head over to Panini & Co. They’ll set you up with a sandwich made with hot, fresh bread, filled with practically any ingredients you can imagine. There are almost 50 sandwiches on the menu, so it may take a while to decide. Each one, however, offers perfectly balanced flavors in entirely new combinations, so you can just assume that whatever you get will be delicious. This place gets quite busy at lunchtime, but with the smells surrounding you, you won’t mind the wait.

Panini & Co., Via Pietro Aretino, Arezzo, Italy, +39 0575 182 4493

Dal Moro

For another excellent quick lunchtime option, check out Dal Moro, a more traditional Italian sandwich shop. The sandwiches are made quickly right in front of you, and the prices are very reasonable. All of the sausages are made in-house, and you can buy whichever cheeses, meats, sauces, and wines that you prefer. The family of owners is always around to make recommendations and guide you towards the best options both to eat there and to take home with you. When it comes to sandwiches, don’t miss the porchetta or the lampredotto, which is a tripe sandwich, but you will be highly rewarded for stepping out of your comfort zone.

Dal Moro, Via Cavour 68, Arezzo, Italy, +39 0575 043208