The Most Spectacular Places to Cycle in Sicily

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16 December 2017

Sicily is overrun with breathtaking terrains and landscapes perfect for every type of adventurer. If you are an avid cycler or are simply interested in taking a languid bike ride to soak up the nature of the Italian countryside, Sicily has the best trails for you. Get your heart pumping while taking in some of the sprawling, guileless beauty that is the mountains and seaside of Sicily cycling trails.


Sicilian locals are known to be eager biking enthusiasts and create their own trails and loops as they discover them. Varying in degrees of challenging, you can choose from an invigorating mountain bike session around the lanes of Mt Etna or pedaling through the flat bucolic farming land and small towns surrounding the mountains and Ionian Sea.

For example, the Alcantara Chiarello Loop, starting in Taormina, purveys a unique perspective on the mythical land surrounding Mt Etna. The route meanders you down the sparkling coast line, bordering on timeworn Italian towns and abodes in Naxos and Villagonia. The 20.58-mile ride will pass you through breezy rural landscapes and provide breathtaking glimpses of Mt Etna as you climb an elevation of just over 800 feet.

Although Taormina is a popular vacation spot, there are plenty of unspoiled trails and paths that remain uncluttered and easy to maneuver on your biking ventures. It’s easy to attain rental bikes or arrange tours in Taormina through their many hotels and souvenir shops, and provide an array of bikes varying in styles.

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If you’re looking for more of a challenging ride or chasing the immaculate vistas that Sicily can provide, Cefalu has everything you need. This is another gem of the island that has a ton of locally concocted bike treks. Although this town may not be as well-known as Palermo or Syracuse, it runneth over with natural wonders, incredible sites and colorful towns and villages.

You can attempt the Sicilia Dag 7, which will start you from Cefalu, the historic littoral town, and guide you up into the mountain towns of Gibilmanna and Gratteri where you will get to marvel at the faded stucco buildings, and peer out over the incredible view of glittering sea that it towers over. Scaling a height of 2,850 feet above sea level, it is not a ride for the faint of heart, but is worth every stride and will return you to the idyllic town of Cefalu by the end of this 33-mile ride.

If your feet are guiding you to a more relaxed voyage, there are dozens of road biking expeditions you can embark on in this area. Sicily has invested in excellent signage to designate the network of biking routes established through a European Union project called SIBIT, which stretches across the island.

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Belonging to the prisitine commune of Syracuse, boasting incredible academic history and unparalleled architecture, this smaller town is just as noteworthy of a place to visit and offers keen biking opportunities. Situated at the foot of the Iblean Mountains, its routes will take you on a journey through antiquity as you explore this hidden treaure of Sicily by bike.

You can glide down the coast, feel the fresh taste of salt in the air and admire 17th-century architecture, lively fishing villages, and seasonal crops being tended to. Differing courses can aid you in exploring the splashing blue paradise of Isola delle Correnti, and will guide you through the popular sightseeing destination, Portopalo di Capo Passero.

Biking in this region is still very popular and you will frequently see other cyclists coursing down highways, and through towns that may be willing to advise you in some of the preferred trails and paths of the area.

San Noto Sicily | ©Jari Makila/WikiCommons


Some of the best ways to appreciate the classic baroque architecture that is littered throughout Sicily is by bike, particularly in the bustling city of Palermo. One of the busier places you will encounter, it still supplies excellent street-biking along its dazzling coastline and through its many picturesque streets.

Monte Pellegrino is situated nearby and offers a moderate climb up to an incredible view that is well known to local and visiting cyclists alike.

Monte Pellegrino, Palermo | ©Alain Rouiller/Flickr

Cycling Tours

In the majority of cities and villages throughout Sicily you will be able to locate and book a surplus of exciting biking tours that will take you on local routes. You’ll have your choice of half-day, full-day, or multiple-day treks that can help you to crisscross the Sicilian landscape in any way you desire.

You can find some great tips and ways of finding a cycling trip that is catered to you through On-Sicily that will help you determine the best way for you to embark on your cycling adventure wherever you may be on this exquisite and unique island.

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Cycling Rules

Due to the popularity of cycling throughout Sicily, drivers are very aware of watching the road for cyclist and bikers. There may not be any appointed lane for cyclists on the main roadways but it’s unlikely you will ever feel concerned with your safety while riding them.

Always carry refreshments and water since the days in Sicily can be bright and hot, but also keep in mind to bring reflective gear or clothing with you as the sun sets fairly early during the springtime.

Needless to say, always wear a helmet and appropriate cycling garments to keep yourself safe, and have a comfortable knowledge of how your bike operates.

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