The Most Incredible Hiking Trails in Sardinia

Isola dell'Asinara -Vista da punta della Scomunica©pochestorie:Flickr
Isola dell'Asinara -Vista da punta della Scomunica©pochestorie:Flickr
Photo of Gillian McGuire
29 April 2017

Sardinia is a wonderland of crystal blue sea, unspoiled mountain ranges, and mysterious archaeology. For the active traveler, there is a hiking trail for each of these wonders. Some trails are well marked and on easy terrain and some are so challenging they require a guide. Find the one that is perfect for you with our guide to the most incredible hiking trains in Sardinia.

Isola dell'Asinara -Vista da punta della Scomunica | ©pochestorie:Flickr

Senterio del Leccio

Inside the national park Asinara, the Senterio del Leccio begins at the visitor center and takes you past rows of oak and chestnut trees to the summit at Punta Scomunica, the highest point on the Asinara island. On your way back down, stop to see the ruins of Cuile Zonca and enjoy the views towards the sea. There is very little shade on this hike so it is not recommended during the hot summer months.

Is Cannoneris Forest Trail

Twist your way up to the oak filled green forest, Is Cannoneris. This is one of Europe’s largest oak forests and is a cool respite on a hot summer day. You are likely to meet a herd of goats or a few Sardinian deer on your hike here. There are narrow paths that go deep into the forest with the highlight being the Punta Calamixi which has a sensational view.

Pan di zucchero | ©RobertoFerrari:Flickr

Masua Pan di Zucchero to Cala Domestica,

This is a challenging 7 mile hike along the the wild Sulcis Iglesiente coast in the south western part of the island.,also known as the blue miners trail from the history of mineral mining in the area. Walk among the fragrant mediterranean scrub taking in the scent of salt and juniper, with views of the white limestone Pan di Zucchero surrounded by a deep blue sea. You eventually end up at the beautiful remains of a Spanish tower that was once used as a World War II watchtower.

Punta Giglio

Inside the Parco Regionale di Porto Conte, there are five different paths that you can take to reach the scenic overlook of Punta Giglio. They are all well marked and you can choose if you would like to view nature or visit the historic military site along the path and even how difficult a hike you want. Look out for the palm tree whose fronds are used to make the island’s famous baskets and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the azure sea below.

Oasi di Bidderosa | ©MatteoCastealdo:Flickr


The Bidderosa Oasis is open from May to October and entrance is restricted to a certain number of cars per day. There are no restrictions if you arrive on foot, so it is a ideal destination for a hike to the beach. There are five coves that you can choose from, each with a small entrance fee and services like bathrooms and umbrellas. You can book a guided trek of the area.

Cala Goloritze | ©Vasile Cotovanu:Flickr

Cala Goloritze

If you are not up for the full twenty-seven mile, seven day trek along the Selvaggio Blue trail which also includes some rock climbing, take the trail to Cala Goloritze. The trail to this spectacular beach is often named one of the best beaches in Sardinia is downhill from Golgo Plateau. The hike takes a little over an hour. There are no services once you arrive, so pack a picnic and your beach towel.

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