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The Best Rooftop Restaurants In Rome
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The Best Rooftop Restaurants In Rome

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Famed for being one of the Europe’s most chic cities, Rome is Italy‘s geographical capital, artistic, cultural, and fashion capital. Spend your holiday in true Roman style and join the city’s coolest residents hanging out at one of Rome’s superb rooftop restaurants. The city’s culinary scene is world-renowned and these elegant terraces are the hottest summer hang-outs in the entire city. Follow our guide to the best of the best.
Rome's magical skyline | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt
Rome’s magical skyline | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt
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Possibly Rome’s most intimate dining experience, the tiny terrace here at All’Oro seats a mere six people – making it one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. The gourmet cuisine at this Michelin starred restaurant has earned it an incredibly prestigious reputation among Italy’s world-famous food scene. The menu’s sublime blend of innovation and tradition ensures that any meal here is a truly unique and delicious experience. Dishes such as salt cod tiramisu tantalize the taste buds and capture the imagination in equal measure. The expertise of Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto, the sommelier’s impeccable wine recommendations, the delicate harmony of flavors, and the exquisite presentation, guarantee some of the finest dining in Italy. The restaurant’s rooftop bar offers an incredible panorama over the elegant Piazza del Popolo and Rome’s stunning Tiber River.

Address & telephone number: Ristorante All’Oro, Via del Vantaggio, 14, Rome, Italy, +39 06 9799 6907

A heavenly chocolate tiramisu from Ristorante All'Oro | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt
A heavenly chocolate tiramisu from Ristorante All’Oro | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt
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The Hotel Forum Restaurant

Located in the very heart of Rome’s historic center, this hotel is surrounded by some of the most ancient buildings in the city. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the rooftop of the Hotel Forum in one of the city’s most famous restaurants. The view from the Hotel Forum’s restaurant is celebrated across the entire city for the unparalleled panorama of Rome’s Ancient Forum, the iconic Vittorio Emanuele Monument, Rome’s Colosseum, and the Piazza Venezia – the city’s most popular tourist sites. Avoid the crowds down below and head up to this elegant terrace to enjoy the best of Rome’s history in this tranquil hideaway. The gourmet food here is another reason behind the exceptional success of this rooftop restaurant.

Address & telephone number: The Hotel Forum Restaurant, Hotel Forum Roma, Via Tor Dè Conti, 25-30, Rome, Italy, +39 06 679 2447

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Open Colonna

Round the back of one of Rome’s most beautiful buildings you will find Open Colonna, a rooftop restaurant that guarantees gourmet cuisine and awe-inspiring views in equal measure. An unmissable sight in itself, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, a historic exhibition center, is famed for being one of Rome’s most dazzling pieces of architecture and a fantastic example of neoclassical style. Topped by an elegant glass roof, Open Colonna offers diners both a star-studded canopy and dazzling views of this architectural gem during their meal. The beauty of the setting is rivaled by the intricate and artistic presentation of each and every dish on the menu here at Open Colonna.

Address & telephone number: Open Colonna, Scalinata di via Milano 9a, Rome, Italy, +39 06 47822641

Typical Italian style on the streets of Rome | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt
Typical Italian style on the streets of Rome | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt
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La Pergola

Boasting of three Michelin stars, the only restaurant in Rome to be able to lay claim this incredible feat, La Pergola is firmly established among the very best of Italy’s dining scene. For those prepared to settle for nothing but the best, La Pergola is an ideal option. Expect gourmet cuisine at its finest in the rooftop restaurant, set in Rome Cavalieri, one of the city’s most exclusive hotels. The wine cellar here is widely regarded as the best in Rome, and, with over 1,800 labels and 60,000 bottles, it’s not hard to see why. An extensive olive oil menu, water menu, and coffee menu, demonstrate the expertise and attention to detail which suffuse every aspect of the restaurant. The ambiance of the candlelit roof terrace make it unsurprising that La Pergola is listed among the top 50 restaurants in the world.

Address & telephone number: La Pergola, Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101, Rome, Italy, +39 06 3509 2152

Exquisite mascarpone ravioli in duck ragout and red wine reduction at All'Oro | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt
Exquisite mascarpone ravioli in duck ragout and red wine reduction at All’Oro | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt
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The Radisson Blu Hotel

Boasting of both a bar and two different restaurants on its rooftop, no matter what you’re searching for in an evening, you’re sure to find it here at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Once you’ve finished soaking up the view, why not go for a swim in one of the hotel’s two sparkling azure rooftop pools? This unique chance to enjoy fine dining and all the luxuries of an on-site spa, open air pool, and boutique hotel, can offer is certainly one of Rome’s most unmissable experiences. The hotel’s proximity to Rome’s main station, Termini, makes it accessible from all areas of the city and an incredibly convenient location.

Address & telephone number: The Radisson Blu Hotel, Via Filippo Turati, 171, Rome, Italy, +39 06 444841

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The Terrasse Cuisine and Lounge

The setting of the Terrasse Cuisine and Lounge, inside Rome’s 5 star Sofitel Hotel, is a fittingly luxurious match for this heavenly rooftop restaurant. Situated just outside Rome’s lush Villa Borghese Park, this rooftop offers a truly jaw-dropping view across this iconic Roman oasis of green and even as far as St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City that’ll have you falling in love with Rome from the very first glance. With such an array of sights to drink in, you’ll hardly want to tear your eyes away to glance over the sublime delights on offer on the Mediterranean menu.

Address & telephone number: The Terrasse Cuisine and Lounge, Sofitel Hotel, Via Lombardia 47, Rome, Italy, +39 064 7802 2999

A beautiful view of St Peter's Basilica in Rome | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt
A beautiful view of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome | Courtesy of Stefan Hunt