The Best Places to Buy Souvenirs on the Amalfi Coast and Capri

Positano©Fred Bigio:Flickr
Positano©Fred Bigio:Flickr
Photo of Gillian McGuire
7 September 2017

There is some really terrific shopping in the towns along the Amalfi Coast and the on the island of Capri. From big designer names in luxury shops to small craft workshops, we have found the best places for you to buy souvenirs.

Antica Sartoria

Positano has a distinct style that defines beauty hippy chic. The place where you can find your own flouncy or flowery beach cover up is at Antica Sartoria. There are also stacks of colorful pareos which are light and flat and very easy to pack. The shops are dotted around Positano, with one on the beach and another one near the main road, this empire has been slowly expanding, and you will find the signature turquoise shopping bags in Amalfi, Capri and even Rome and Venice.


There isn’t a sign outside of this shop, so just look for the hand-painted plants, flowers and lizards on the walls outside 1 Via Fuorlovado. Gianluca’s small shop is filled with elegant trinkets, like trays of ceramic fish ranging from tiny silvery anchovies to larger more fearsome scorpion fish; Neapolitan good luck charms wrapped in embroidered Indian silk; and a ceiling full of glass jellyfish. Gianluca also sources a selection of antiques, like gilded mirrors and religious icons.

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Along the via Camerelle are some of the world’s biggest designer names which also come with equally large price tags. Look for the secret doorway on this high-fashion street and enter Wonderland. This chic boutique meticulously sources vintage pieces from the same famous names. Scour the racks for vintage silk Valentino gowns and Ferragamo ballerina flats. They also carry luxury accessories like jewelry and sunglasses, so you can complete your perfect Capri look.


Colorful plates, bowls and serving trays are all painted by hand by local artisans in workshops up and down the Amalfi Coast. The center for all things ceramic is the southernmost town of Vietri sul Mare. You won’t miss the Solimene factory, with its distinctive architecture. The space is filled with one of the most extensive collections in the area. In Capri, Sea Gull has a wide range of Italian ceramics including Solimene but also works from small manufacturerss in Naples, the Veneto and Umbria. Sleepy Praiano is not a shopper’s paradise, but the charming Riccio Caprese boutique on the main road has brightly painted sea urchins crafted into paperweights, candle holders and lamps.

Bespoke Sandals

Fashionistas in the know have been buying sandals on the Amalfi Coast for decades. Flat leather soles topped with an array of sparkles or a simple leather strap, no matter your personal style, you will find something you like at one of these workshops. In Positano you can have a pair of sandals made just for you in a matter of minutes by Giovanni at his shop, La Botteguccia. In Capri, Canfora used to open the shop for Jacqueline Kennedy when she needed a new pair. Now you can shop 24 hours a day at their online site.

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Carthusia Perfume

Think about a cold, gray winter’s day and the feeling that sun-soaked summer days will never come again. A shopping trip to Carthusia can fix that future gloom. Perfumes, room fragrance, soaps and candles are all infused with scents of the islands. Notes of lemons, jasmine and sea moss will bring you back to an idyllic island afternoon.