The Best Places For Pizza In Venice

The Best  Places For Pizza In Venice
One of the most popular Italian foods in the world, pizza is a must eat on any trip to Italy. Venice has a number of delicious spots to find great pizza and enjoy it while walking along one of the many canals. Here’s our list of the absolute best pizza in Venice.
Antico Forno
Restaurant, Pizzeria, Italian, Fast Food, Vegetarian, Vegan$$$

This small restaurant is squeezed between two other shops, making it an easy place to miss, but the food is so heavenly that it’s a regular hotspot. The pizza can be made with either thick or thin crust, and the staff are all very friendly. The restaurant is very clean, and the prices so reasonable that anyone on a budget can fully immerse themselves in a delicious slice of pizza. Open Sunday to Saturday 11:30am-9:30pm.

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Pizzeria Trattoria All-Anfora
Pizzeria, Restaurant, Italian$$

©Susanne Davidson/flickr

The vibrant yellow tablecloths that cover all of the tables invite guests inside of this beautiful restaurant. All-Anfora provides a menu with over 50 different types of giant sized pizzas, each with a different combination of cheese and toppings. Large groups can enjoy the Italian staple either in the restaurant or in their back garden when the weather is good.

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Pizza Al Volo
Bar, Pizzeria, Italian, Fast Food, Vegetarian, Vegan$$$
Pizza al Volo, Venezia

Pizza al Volo, Venezia | ©Heather Cowper /flickr

Pizza Al Volo is a great place for visitors to get a quick bite of pizza and continue on their way without sacrificing flavor and experience. Guests can either order their pizza to go and eat it by one of the canals or stand at the bar and savor each saucy bite.

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Pizzeria, Restaurant, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan, $$$

A simple restaurant with a wide range of pizza selections, Rossopomodoro even offers gluten free pizza, so that those with dietary restrictions can still get a taste of Venice. The large sizes of the pizza make this an ideal location for a date, as they are perfect for sharing, and the restaurant is relaxing and efficient.

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Arte Della Pizza
Pizzeria, Restaurant, Italian, Vegetarian, Fast Food, Vegan, Beer, Wine$$$

A popular hub for locals, Arte Della Pizza has a friendly staff and offers a number of stools for guests to sit on while they spend time with their friends and eat. The restaurant specializes in thick crust pizza that can be washed down with Italian beer, or taken to go and enjoyed elsewhere.

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