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Pasta / © Pexels
Pasta / © Pexels
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Where To Eat The Best Pasta In Venice, Italy

Picture of Riley Londres
Updated: 27 October 2017
Venice, Italy is no stranger to pasta, an Italian cuisine staple beloved around the world. While Venice is known more for its seafood, this beautiful city on the water has found a way to mix both into something delicious. Read ahead for our picks of the best pasta in Venice.

Dal Moro

Located on a small backstreet, Dal Moro would be an easy place to miss if it wasn’t for the line that goes all the way out the door. Here visitors choose their preferred type of pasta and which sauce they would like it cooked in. The pasta is then cooked in front of them and handed over in little white cartons to be eaten immediately on-the-go.

Osteria Alla Staffa

A restaurant with friendly servers who are happy to offer wine recommendations to accompany your meal, Osteria Alla Staffa is an ideal place to relax and enjoy traditional Italian cuisine. The menu offers a wide range of different pastas, including ravioli with asparagus and ricotta, lasagna or savory scampi.

Osteria Alla Staffa, Sestiere Castello, 6398, 30122 Venezia, Italy +39 041 523 9160

Black ravioli in gorgonzola cream sauce #Venice #Italy

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La Zucca

While not strictly a vegetarian restaurant, La Zucca boasts a menu full of fresh vegetables to pair with different types of pasta. Guests can enjoy tagliatelle with artichokes and pecorino cheese, or zucchini and almond lasagne. The restaurant also features an open kitchen so guests can watch the food being prepared.

Alla Rivetta

A restaurant frequented by locals, whether on their lunch break or enjoying a dinner with friends, Alla Rivetta is the perfect location to fully experience the culture of Venice and sample a wide range of different pasta dishes. The restaurant also features a delicious seafood menu and even offers a seafood lasagna.

Al Giubagio

With a terrace situated on the water, Al Giubagio is a warm and intimate place to enjoy the best of Venetian cuisine and watch the sunset over the water. The menu features a wide range of vegetarian dishes and pasta options, such as tagliatelle with asparagus and carpaccio of swordfish or spaghetti with scampi and zucchini flower.