The Best Ice Cream Parlors In Florence, Italy

Italy is known for its creamy gelato, with its rich texture and decadent flavors unparalleled elsewhere in the world. Florence is without a doubt one of the best places in Italy to experience this classic Italian treat. Here we explore some of the best places to head for gelato next time you’re in town.

Ponte alla Carraia | © AndreaMancini/Flickr

Gelateria la Carraia

Ice Cream Parlour, Dessert
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A gelateria, traditional Italian ice cream shop, in Florence
A gelateria, traditional Italian ice cream shop, in Florence | © Vaidas Bucys / Alamy Stock Photo
Gelateria la Carraia can only be described as perfection. It is the first place that locals recommend when visitors ask for the best ice cream parlor in Florence, and those who go will instantly become hooked on their heavenly ice cream. The flavors include anything from the classics to a delicious yogurt and Nutella ice cream, which is essentially a creamy frozen yoghurt with huge chunks of Nutella. Visitors can buy a cone, a cup, or a whole tub of ice cream to go. The value is unbelievable, with a single scoop of gelato in a cone costing just one euro.

Gelateria Santa Trinità

A few steps away from Gelateria la Carraia is Gelateria Santa Trinità, also situated in Florence’s Oltrarno. It sells some of the tastiest ice cream in the city, made with the best ingredients to achieve the wonderfully creamy texture that only Italian gelato seems to possess. The prices are also very reasonable and they have a great selection of ice cream flavors, with up to 38 during the summer months. They also sell handmade chocolates, homemade biscotti Amari, Tuscan wine and balsamic vinegar, making it a perfect stop for all your Florentine needs.
Gelateria Santa Trinità, Piazza Frescobaldi 11/12R, Florence, Italy

Marco Ottaviano

This gelateria claims to sell gourmet ice cream, and it certainly does not disappoint. Visitors can find 24 different flavors at Marco Ottaviano, such as dark chocolate and hazelnut, Gianduja (a typical Italian classic that consists of a mix of different nuts), chocolate and chilli, strawberry and prosecco, sour orange and cheesecake, the list seems almost endless. Visitors can also buy ‘slush’ drinks made with blended ice – coffee, lemon, almond or mint. They also sell vegan and gluten-free ice cream, making it a perfect gelato destination for all.
Marco Ottaviano, Via Matteo Palmieri, 34r, Florence, Italy

Gelateria de’ Neri

Located near Santa Croce, Gelateria de’ Neri is one of the most traditional ice cream shops in the city, and visitors flock here for a taste of the desert. They have a great selection of authentic gelato, including yummy ricotta with figs, pure chocolate, pure caramel, rose and gorgonzola, passion fruit and mango ice creams. They also sell granita, a delicious blend of frozen fruit, ice and sugar blended together.
Gelateria de’ Neri, Via dei Neri 9/10r, Florence, Italy


Located close to the Duomo, on Via dei Servi, Mordilatte is a must-visit on any trip to Florence. They are known for making artisanal ice cream with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, without any preservatives. Some of the flavors are mint, coffee, pistachio, melon and mango ice cream, but they change depending on the season to guarantee that the ingredients are of the best quality possible. Milk shakes and smoothies are also on offer at Mordilatte.
Mordilatte, Via Dei Servi 10/R, Florence, Italy