The Best Hotels to Book in San Vito Lo Capo, Italy

Albergo Auralba hotel in San Vito Lo Capo offers 12 boutique rooms with sea views and verandas for unwinding in the Sicilian sun, a short stroll from the beach and local eateries
Albergo Auralba hotel in San Vito Lo Capo offers 12 boutique rooms with sea views and verandas for unwinding in the Sicilian sun, a short stroll from the beach and local eateries | Courtesy of Albergo Auralba / Expedia
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21 August 2021

Don’t be fooled: Sicily may technically be part of Italy, but every proud Sicilian will tell you that places like San Vito Lo Capo are off the boot for a reason. Fixed around a fortress-like church on the Tyrrhenian Sea, San Vito Lo Capo’s charming town will ask nothing more of you than to sit back, soak up the sun and sip on a glass of wine from a local vineyard. These are the best hotels in San Vito Lo Capo – bookable with Culture Trip.

Artemide Hotel

The sun-baked roof deck with sunken hot tub at Artemide Hotel.
Courtesy of Artemide Hotel / Expedia
Spend your vacation on the sun-kissed solarium of the Artemide Hotel. This terrace overlooking the sea was designed for laid-back afternoons spent walking between the whirlpool and the bar. When you feel you’re getting a little too comfortable in your sun lounger, you’re within 500m (1,640ft) of the supple sand of San Vito Lo Capo beach. Swim and suntan to your heart’s desire, taking advantage of the hotel’s courtesy shower to get freshened up for your flight, even after you’ve checked out for the day.

Hotel Achibea

A stay at Hotel Achibea is a breath of fresh air for your city-clogged lungs. The ancient olive trees surrounding the swimming pool set the stage for a relaxing vacation. You’ll spy the sea from your suite’s furnished terrace, easily accessible with complimentary beach shuttle service. When your arms get tired from swimming on Baia Santa Margherita or lifting beachy cocktails on Bue Marino Beach, wander into the Zingaro Nature Reserve for a peaceful, secluded hike.

Al Paradise


How do you define paradise? Hotel Al Paradise in San Vito La Capo insists that you should never be more than a few minutes from whatever you desire. This hotel, in the centre of the town, puts you within a short walk of the beach, bars and boutiques. Listen to the soundtrack of Sicily as you sip coffee on your balcony, or hear nothing save for the lines of your favourite novel as you read in peace within a private apartment adjacent to the main hotel.

Hermes Hotel

A contemporary guest room with small private balcony at Hermes Hotel
Courtesy of Hermes Hotel / Expedia

Did a messenger come to you in a dream and tell you to book a breathtaking Sicilian getaway? Perhaps it was a missive from Hermes Hotel, San Vito Lo Capo’s relaxing holiday home. Could you visualise yourself strolling calmly across the beach, the endless blue sky stretched out above you? Did you picture spending every morning and evening on your private balcony savouring a drink from your minibar? Make this dream a reality at Hermes Hotel where they’re waiting with an umbrella in the sand just for you.

Hotel Sikania

The Balcony Deluxe Room at Hotel Sikania was designed for simple delights. If you love the little things in life, you’ll adore the warm decor and welcoming balcony at this San Vito La Capo hotel. You’re welcome to mix a traditional bellini from your minibar, or allow the bartenders on the outdoor terrace to serve you a fine Aperol spritz. Need nothing more than the breeze and time to kill? Spend hours exploring San Vito Lo Capo with a bicycle rental from the front desk.

Albergo Auralba

Find the colour that looks best on you at Albergo Auralba. We’re thinking of a red or a white – specifically, one of each from the hotel’s wine cellar. Best uncorked on the terrace overlooking a blue sky and even bluer sea, you’ll savour every sip knowing that the entrance to your room is only a few steps away via your private veranda. Nap away the afternoon and wake up pleasantly surprised that you placed a bottle of sparkling in your mini fridge.

Gaia Hotel Perla

The pretty dining patio and covered porch adorned with climbing plants at Hotel Perla Gaia.
Courtesy of Hotel Perla Gaia / Expedia

Only a block from the Spiaggia San Vito Lo Capo, you may be tempted to split your time between your double bed and the beach. As you make your way around the complimentary breakfast buffet, take advantage of your proximity to the sea and dive into Sicily’s fresh fish cuisine. A short walk from the hotel you can also sample tasty focaccia at Panificio Plaia, the saucy spaghetti alle vongole from Mare Blu, and Sicilian prawns at U Sfizziusu.

Hotel Soffio D'Estate

Are you a heavy packer? You won’t need much during your stay at Hotel Soffio D’Estate. Bring your swimsuit, a pair of comfortable sandals and a good book to this hotel in San Vito La Capo, only 60m (200ft) from the beach. Maybe slip a “going-out” swimsuit in there too for when you want to grab a Negroni at the on-site bar and chat up other visitors. You’re only a stone’s throw from the historic centre of the town, where you can admire the Santuario di San Vito while dining on homemade pasta at I Giorgini Ristorante Giardino across the street.

Piccolo Mondo


Once you start your day at Piccolo Mondo with cannoli, pane cunzato and homemade cakes, you’ll never look at the traditional hotel morning buffet the same way again. Though the Sicilian breakfast is the best way to begin your day, the 50m (165ft) walk to the shore will certainly be your impetus to rise with the sun. The warm “sirocco” wind will blow across your face when you open your suite’s terrace doors and let the cadence of the waves pace your day.

Hotel Pocho

A patio and sun loungers arranged on a lawn with views of the sea at Hotel Pocho.
Hotel Pocho | Courtesy of Hotel Pocho / Expedia

Though only 3km (1.8mi) from San Vito Lo Capo, the sea, sky and mountains surrounding Hotel Pocho’s terrace will make you feel worlds away from the little town. Spend your days trekking the footpaths which lead to prehistoric caves, caverns, ruins and monuments. Scale the spectacular cliffs of Makari or dive into the sea to view the Kent shipwreck. There are only 12 rooms in this hotel, which means that the cultural collection of “Sicilian Puppets” on display outnumber your fellow guests.

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