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The Best Cultural Hotels in Parma, Italy
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The Best Cultural Hotels in Parma, Italy

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Parma, an Italian town located in the region of Emilia-Romagna near Bologna, is a charming gem full of beautiful architecture and world-famous food. The town dates back to the ancient Roman times. Read Culture Trip’s guide to unique hotels to stay at in Parma.
Parma's Cathedral and Baptistery | © Christopher Wood/Flickr
Parma’s Cathedral and Baptistery | © Christopher Wood/Flickr
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Park Hotel Pacchiosi

Park Hotel Pacchiosi is located in the heart of a beautiful, big park in the oldest area of Parma. This luxurious, five-star hotel is considered the best in Parma, and features neo-Renaissance design and decorations. The hotel has 59 rooms divided into six different types, a restaurant and a lounge bar. The PHP Restaurant serves fine Italian food, particularly dishes famous in the region.

Park Hotel Pacchiosi, Strada del Quartiere 4, Parma, Italy, +39 0521 077077

Parma's streets | © Francisco Antunes/Flickr
Parma’s streets | © Francisco Antunes/Flickr
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Verdi Hotel

Verdi Hotel, named after the great composer Giuseppe Verdi who came from a small town in the Parma province, is a four-star antique hotel designed and furnished in an elegant and vintage style. It is located near the main attractions in the city center. The hotel owns the San Rocco Restaurant which is located in former stables and serves up typical parmesan cuisine. Eat outdoors during spring and summer.

Verdi Hotel, Viale Alberto Pasini 18, Parma, Italy, +39 0521293539

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Hotel Palace Maria Luigia

The Hotel Palace Maria Luigia, named after the Duchess of Parma (who was Napoleon’s second wife), is a luxurious, four-star hotel designed in an old-fashioned and elegant way. From the rooms, you can admire Parma’s skyline and the landscape beyond the town. The best suite, named after Maria Luigia, is decorated after the Piedmont region. The hotel’s restaurant specializes in the regional cuisine, mixing the traditional with new recipes.

Hotel Palace Maria Luigia, Viale Mentana 140, Parma, Italy, +39 0521 281032

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Residence Corte della Vittoria

The Residence Corte dell Vittoria is a three-star charming hotel situated in an 18th century villa. It is perfect for a more private or long-term stay, as the apartments it offers come with a cooking area and a private bathroom. The residence is also conveniently located near the airport and major highways leading to Milan and Bologna.

Residence Corte della Vittoria, di Quartaroli Costruzioni S.r.l., Via Emilia Ovest 63, Parma, Italy, +39 0521 944358

Sunset over Parma's skyline | © Elisa Contini/Flickr
Sunset over Parma’s skyline | © Elisa Contini/Flickr
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Hotel Forlanini52

This three-star hotel, Forlanini52, is centrally-located and offers unique and eclectic design. Its typical Italian architecture blends with modern features such as huge glass windows, ensuring that the hotel is filled with natural light. The 19 rooms are decorated in a contemporary, stylish and minimalistic way, featuring a combination of white and colorful patterns. The hotel has its own restaurant that specializes in the Italian cuisine.

Hotel Forlanini52, Via Forlanini 52, Parma, Italy, +39 0521 1830219