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Rome, Tevere river © Moyan Brenn
Rome, Tevere river © Moyan Brenn

The 10 Best Coffee Shops In Rome

Picture of Luca Pinelli
Updated: 9 February 2017
Home to the espresso, Italy knows how to caffeinate and there’s arguably no better city to try some of the country’s best beans than in than Rome. Here’s our pick of the top 10 coffee spots.

Caffè Sant’Eustachio

Established in 1938, this café is a household name in Rome.  This coffee shop produces a wonderful blend whose recipe is kept top secret. What is not a secret is the quality of the product they serve, which has merited this café a pre-eminent position amidst the most beloved coffee shops of the capital. Yes sir, with an unique wood-roasting technique made possible by the work of a 1948 machine, the espresso is sure to be top notch.

Piazza Sant’Eustachio 82, Rome, Italy, +390668802048




Antigua Tazza d’Oro

With a dozen blends on offer, Antigua Tazza d’Oro will intrigue every patron who happens to be in the area near the Pantheon. An illustration outside exemplifies the work of coffee-sowers and suggests that it takes love and passion in order to get the very best quality of coffee. Inside are blends and smells which will remain true to this philosophy. In short: real quality in the heart of the historic Italian capital.

via dei Pastini 11, Rome, Italy, +39066789792


Established in 1900, Giolitti is another household name in Rome, not least because of its “presidential” reputation. For the past century, Italian politicians and local intellectuals have been pacing around this coffee shop and ice-cream parlour – and not just because of its proximity to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament either. With desserts of outstanding quality and delicious ice cream, Giolitti will be a milestone in every tourist’s culinary tour. And you may just spot a celebrity or two!

via Uffici del Vicario 40, Rome, Italy, +39066991243

Giolitti © An Mai

Giolitti © An Mai

Canova Tadolini

This museum-restaurant is unique in terms of décor and design. Being the heir of Canova’s studio and atelier, this place boasts four different rooms to dine amidst decorations and ornaments of unparalleled beauty. A blend of ancient and modern, Canova Tadolini will remind every tourist of the beauty of the Italian capital and will show patrons just how artistic Rome can be. In short: a perfect spot for sipping a potent Italian coffee in!

via del Babuino 150/A, Rome, Italy, +390632110702

Atelier Canova-Tadolini © Anthony Majanlahti

Atelier Canova-Tadolini © Anthony Majanlahti

Caffè Domiziano

Located on Piazza Navona, in front of the famed Statue of the Four Rivers by Bernini, Caffè Domiziano is a flexible bar which also serves good-quality pizza in an enchanting setting. With a vast and diverse menu, Caffè Domiziano will be able to cater to every customer’s needs. Despite some relatively high prices, customers will feel pampered by a welcoming and accommodating service that really does go above and beyond.

Piazza Navona 88, Rome, Italy, +390668806845

Antico Caffè Greco

Established in 1760, Antico Caffè Greco has hosted writers and intellectuals of international calibre, such as Goethe, Stendhal, Gogol and Andersen. With a truly old-fashioned, refined atmosphere enhanced by the white-tied waiters and the countless valuable paintings hanging on the walls, this bar will astonish every patron that passes through its doors. Oh, and the coffee is pretty darn fantastic too!

via Condotti 86, Rome, Italy, +39066791700


Established in 1922, this bar is known in Rome as one of the best coffee shops going. With fresh croissants, delicious pastries and the very best varieties and blends of coffee, this bar will be a name to remember during any tourist’s visit of the Italian capital. Rosati is also a restaurant and offers catering possibilities in case anyone is interested in having a good meal to go with their brew.

Piazza del Popolo 4/5A, Rome, Italy, +39063225859

Chiostro del Bramante Café

Located on a wonderful cloister, this café combines the modern and the new in surprising ways. Outside is the cloister with its magniloquence and elegance recalling the past; inside is a captivating modern décor which reminds of à-la-mode cafés and bars. Whilst sitting in this bistro, customers are more than welcome to enjoy the beautiful fresco of Raphael’s, entitled “Sibyls”, which they can contemplate from the comfort of their seats while enjoying the delicious food served daily.

via Arco della Pace 5, Rome, Italy, +390668809035

Mondi Caffè

Mondi Caffè is not just a café, but it is also a bar which roasts its own coffee and creates memorable blends. Quality lies at the heart of their espressos, which can be enhanced by chocolate pralines, chocolate-filled cones used as cups or short-pastry biscuits. It is also possible to buy their selection of coffees so that every customer can bring Mondi’s quality into their home.

via Alvari 29, Rome, Italy, +390622754688

Rome, Italy © Jirka Matousek

Rome, Italy © Jirka Matousek

Bar del Cappuccino

This one specialises in, well, cappuccino. This beverage made by joining the efforts of delicious coffee and of top-notch milk frothing is a must in every Italian’s morning routine. For this reason, Bar del Cappuccino focuses on making quality cappuccinos which satisfy different tastes and wishes. With croissants and pastrami sandwiches to accompany every beverage, this bar is a fine spot to start the day.

via Arenula 50, Rome, Italy