The Best Restaurants In Vomero, Naples

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30 January 2019

Built on historically agricultural land, Vomero in Naples now blends a primarily residential area with a mix of history, scenic views and shopping. While enjoying the neighborhood, this selection of restaurants will help any traveler settle in for a good meal and a relaxing time.

Outside patio | Courtesy of Cantina La Barbera

Cantina La Barbera

A beautiful setting and a local menu awaits at Cantina La Barbera, where the food is fresh and full of creative quality. Grilled meats are a favorite; all meat is hand-picked to ensure a well-made meal. Cantina La Barbera also features a lengthy wine list to savor while enjoying the numerous cultural and musical entertainment events that the restaurant schedules each month. The sunny outdoor patio is a pleasant place to get a taste of this delectably versatile restaurant and its surrounding neighborhood.

Osteria Donna Teresa

The whole family plays a role here, at this small and local restaurant that serves an assortment of traditionally authentic Neapolitan dishes. In an environment where the dialect is very Neapolitan, learning what each dish contains can be a fun adventure for non-Italian-speaking travelers. In such a simple and accessible setting, Osteria Donna Teresa is very much a place to feel at home in a foreign environment. What’s more, since it is a one-room restaurant with excellent and cheerful staff, it is no wonder that Osteria Donna Teresa is often at full capacity.

Bulldog IPA | ©Sigfrid Lundberg/Flickr

Frank Malone

This classic British pub found with a twist of Neapolitan flair is a great place to feel at home abroad. Frank Malone brings the best of pub life together, with a multitude of football scarves decorating the ceiling as well as a diverse selection of rich beers. This restaurant-bar has a great spread of hamburgers and sausages too, while to top off the lively environment that attracts a number of younger faces, Frank Malone offers some fantastic British beers on tap.

Steak | ©

Sale e Pepe

Come hungry for a big meal when visiting Sale e Pepe. Hamburgers, paninis, French fries, and the desserts are of a monstrous size, served on large platters that will make anyone forget their hunger in an instant. This restaurant boasts a full bar and selection of beer on tap.

Fresh fish | ©Wim Kristel/Flickr

Steak House

Meat lovers rejoice in this restaurant serving up some of the freshest cuts of meat in the neighborhood. Steak House has a large menu of carefully prepared meats and other dishes. It’s another restaurant that believes in large portions, delivering meals to customers on an expansive tray. This steakhouse allows visitors to participate in a multi-course meal and choose meat from the day’s selection. In a comfortable setting and friendly atmosphere, this is one for savoring the flavors of meaty fare.

Ristorante Da Dora

Born in 1973, when a married couple from a traditional fishing family relocated and opened the restaurant, Ristorante Da Dora serves incredibly fresh fish and a Neapolitan cuisine that is intensely authentic. Fish are caught daily for use in entrees such as mezzanelli with seafood, a pasta dish with various types of marine flavors mixed in. While relaxing with a fabulous glass of wine on hand from one of the regions of Italy, notice the nautical themed art and decor that cover the restaurant’s walls.

Antica Cantina di Sica

Offering a variety of traditional and authentic Neapolitan pizzas, this restaurant has a casual and friendly atmosphere to settle in and enjoy a good meal. Antica Cantina di Sica is local and uses fresh ingredients to create seafood dishes and other menu items. Within the cozy interior of this restaurant, visitors can enjoy the variety of beer and wine available or indulge in the sweet and colorful fruits and desserts arranged in the various displays. Hospitality is a key part of making this quaint restaurant a pleasant place to dine.

Food at Antica Cantina di Sica | Courtesy of Antica Cantina di Sica

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