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The Best Brunch Spots In Ravenna
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The Best Brunch Spots In Ravenna

Picture of Luca Pinelli
Updated: 21 November 2016
Delve into this mix of interesting little restaurants to discover the best places for brunch in the charming northern Italian town of Ravenna; there’s pizza, pasta and plenty more to chose from!
Chiostro di San Francesco, Ravenna
Chiostro di San Francesco, Ravenna | © Sgt. Pepper57/Flickr

La Vela Bianca

This is said to be the best place in Ravenna where customers can enjoy the deliciousness of bomboloni, the Italian for Krapfen, a German word indicating a sort of spherical, fluffy doughnut with various fillings such as Nutella and custard, as well as various marmalades. At any time of the day, especially in the morning and after a boozy night, locals and tourists alike grow an appetite for these wonderful pieces of heaven.

via dell’Ancora 65, Punta Marina Terme (RA), Italy, +39 0544 439509

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Pasticceria Mosaico

Located in central Ravenna, Pasticceria Mosaico offers both wholesale and retail sales of top-notch pastries. The service is friendly and welcoming, the offer is wide and diverse, ranging from savory croissants and small pizzas to cake and pasticcini (small pastries). Any patron is welcomed whether they are looking for a large amount of food or they just want to have a delicious, indulgent breakfast with great-quality products. They also serve coffee, juices, milk, and all the stuff that you’d expect to find in a breakfast bar.

Address: via Cavina 11, Ravenna, Italy, +39 0544 464342

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Cacao Pasticceria

A small-scale patisserie, Cacao is one of those places which seems to be an extension of somebody’s home. They serve home-made cakes, bomboloni, croissants, small pastries and savory goods such as pizzette (bites of pizza) and salatini (nibbles of all sorts).
Address: via Conchiglia 15, Punta Marina Terme (RA), Italy, +39 0544 437523

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Pasticceria Veneziana

Established in 1864, Pasticceria Veneziana is one of the historic eateries in Ravenna which maintain a reputation for great food and first-class service. This patisserie was taken over by another family a hundred years after it was opened, in 1964, and the Baccarini still run their great business of repute here. The offer comprises all sorts of cakes and biscuits as well as small pastries which will overwhelm even the pickiest of palates. Breakfast is particularly recommended in order to get a feel for the atmosphere and in order to taste the delicious products Pasticceria Veneziana has on offer.

Address: via Salara 15, Ravenna, Italy, +39 0544 212171

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Forno Pasticceria Nonna Iride

With two different stores in Ravenna, this bakery and patisserie has got plenty of interesting dishes to chose from. The service is impeccable and friendly and the menu is varied and wide, with products ranging from everyday bakery items to wonderfully crafted cakes and biscuits. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere emanates from the family vibe of the ownership.

Address: Circonvallazione Canale Molinetto 61, Ravenna, Italy, +39 0544 63749

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Caffè Letterario

Located in central Ravenna, within short walking distance from Piazza del Popolo and Dante’s grave, Caffè Letterario is one of those cafes which are so renowned in Italy for being cultural poles for the whole city in which they find themselves. Ever since the Enlightenment, places like this have thrived in Italy, thus ensuring that each city could have a cafe where people would gather to discuss politics, literature and art. Today, those which are still open generally organize cultural activities such as book presentations, live music, poetry reading and the like. Caffè Letterario in Ravenna is particularly popular for its great breakfasts with fresh fruit and delicious croissants.

Address: via Armando Diaz 26, Ravenna, Italy, +39 0544 216461

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Pasticceria Ferrari

This is one of the most popular patisseries in central Ravenna. With a wide range of both sweet and savory small pastries, this is the ideal choice for the sweet-toothed and for those who want to try out different things in one meal. Prices vary and portions are small, while most of the foodstuffs are baked fresh each day. They also make cakes for every occasion, including Halloween and Christmas.

Address: via Mario Gordini 11, Ravenna, Italy, +39 0544 213038