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Books| © Ed Salkeld/Flickr
Books| © Ed Salkeld/Flickr
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The 6 Best Independent Bookstores in Tuscany

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Updated: 24 September 2017
Autumn is the best season to start a new book. The first cold days are perfect to stay home with a blanket, a cup of hot tea and a great read. Luckily for bibliophiles, Tuscany, Florence in particular, is full of plenty of amazing independent bookstores waiting to be discovered.

Todo Modo, Florence

Todo Modo is maybe the coolest independent bookshop and café in Florence, with more than 15,000 titles to choose from. All kinds of books can be found in this 180 square metres of space, from second hand books to modern day ebooks. You can choose your book and order it by phone, Facebook, or WhatsApp, but, in any case spending time in this bookstore is a true pleasure. Todo Modo has a great layout with plenty of wooden tables for reading. Free Wi-Fi is also available. The bookshop also hosts events; such as book readings, meetings, performances, and seminars. Other notable facility is the bar in which you can enjoy great organic food and drink.

Todo Modo, Via dei Fossi 15/R, Florence

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Libreria Brac, Florence

This independent bookstore is a little oasis located in an isolated street close Ponte alle Grazie, Florence. Libreria Brac is not only a bookshop, but also a café, contemporary art space and vegetarian restaurant, serving delicious seasonal vegetarian and vegan food, plus fabulous cakes. The space is big and divided into three different parts. There is the entrance with bar and many books about food, cooking, and art. From there you walk into the courtyard where you can relax with a drink or eat some finger food, and the last room is the spacious restaurant. You have plenty of choices of books but if you want to combine literature and food, then there is nowhere better. Remember that on Sundays there’s a special brunch menu, but it gets popular so it’s worth booking.

Libreria Brac, Via dei Vagellai 18/R, Florence

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La Cite, Florence

Located in the Oltrarno area, which has been recently nominated as the most lively neighbourhood in the world, La Cite is mostly frequented by Florentines who come here to sip a coffee, have a beer, read a book or watch a band. This hipster bookstore/pub/café is the perfect place for book lovers and music fans. During the day La Cite is used by students looking to work and study, but come nightfall it turns into an alternative pub.

La Cite, Borgo San Frediano, 20/R, Florence

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Black Spring, Florence

One of the most recent additions to the Florentine bookshop industry (it opened three years ago), Black Spring is an independent bookshop plenty of titles and refreshments. The store is beautifully decorated with artistic photos, paintings and drawings, made by local artists who decorate the bookshop’s walls. Enjoy your purchases in the company of a good cup of coffee or organic tea. Black Spring also hosts regular events, including readings, book presentations, workshops, meetings and more.

Black Spring, Via di Camaldoli 10/Rm, Florence

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Caffè Letterario Volta Pagina, Pisa

Far from the crowds of tourists busy admiring the leaning tower of Pisa, Caffè Letterario Volta Pagina is a nice independent bookstore. The store has a sitting room where you can relax, read a book, listen to music, while sipping a cup of tea or a refreshing drink. This café is more than a place to hang out, it is also a location used by local artists to exhibit their work, and also where Tuscan bands come to play live music. Sometimes Volta Pagina hosts also ethnic dinners to discover food and drink from all over the world.

Caffè Letterario Volta Pagina, Via San Martino 71/73, Pisa

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Libri Antichi e Rari Francesco & Claudia, Arezzo

Arezzo is not the typical Tuscan town frequented by tourists, but beyond its nice central square there is another great reason to come here: Libri Antichi e Rari. This bookshop is a paradise for those who are looking for rare books, as it has a large selection of antique volumes and manuscripts dating all the way back to the 16th century. The books are from the private collection of the owners who assembled an impressive assortment of rarities.

Libri Antichi e Rari Francesco & Claudia, Via A. Soffici 3/F, Arezzo

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