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The Best Restaurants In Bergamo's Città Alta, Italy
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The Best Restaurants In Bergamo's Città Alta, Italy

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Bergamo is a city in Lombardy, not too far away from Milan, and its Città Alta is one of its prettiest and most visited areas. The neighborhood has some truly inviting restaurants, so we look at some of the best.
Panorama of Bergamo
Panorama of Bergamo | © Luca Serazzi/Flickr
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Taverna Colleoni dell’Angelo

Owned by internationally renowned chef Pierangelo Cornaro, Taverna Colleoni dell’Angelo is one of the celebrities of Bergamo’s Upper Town. It is located on one of the most beautiful piazzas in the city, Piazza Vecchia, and is housed in a building realized by the Italian architect Donato Bramante. The interior is characterized by a high vaulted ceiling which was admired and appreciated by the famous artist Le Corbusier. Service and staff are top-class, serving delicious, elaborate dishes which are based on local traditions.

Piazza Vecchia 7, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 232596

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Osteria di Via Solata

With a decor halfway between the rustic and the refined, Osteria di Via Solata is one of those historic restaurants in Bergamo’s Città Alta where customers are welcomed like VIPs. The wine list counts 700 Italian labels and some French Champagnes, whilst the menu offers dishes from the local tradition with fresh ingredients and a particular attention to detail. Despite being closed over the summer, Osteria di Via Solata remains one of the finest eateries in town.

via Solata 8, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 271993

A view of Piazza Vecchia
A view of Piazza Vecchia | © swifant/Flickr
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Il Sole

Housed in a building dating back to 1200 and established in its current form in 1796, Il Sole is a historic restaurant in the heart of Bergamo’s Città Alta. It is located near Piazza Vecchia and is part of a hotel-slash-inn, thus guaranteeing a cheerful, convivial atmosphere and a pleasant, homemade meal. The dishes are prepared with great care and respect for the guidelines set by local tradition. This makes Il Sole one of those must-try restaurants when visiting Bergamo.

via Colleoni 1, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 218238

Bergamo Citti Alta from above
Bergamo Citti Alta from above | © Joseph Richard Francis
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Trattoria da Ornella

If you ask any local for a great restaurant with great traditions, they’ll rightfully point in the direction of Trattoria da Ornella. As the sign outside reads, this is the home of polenta taragna, one of the few delicious dishes which characterize Bergamo (and other cities nearby). Polenta is generally known abroad too, but polenta taragna is typical to northern Italy. It is made with a different kind of flour, and other ingredients such as local cheese and sausages may be added.

via Gombito 15, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 232736

A view of Città Alta | © Luca Serazzi/Flickr
A view of Città Alta | © Luca Serazzi/Flickr
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Trattoria La Colombina

This trattoria offers typical dishes from the local tradition and serves them in a rustic environment where the atmosphere is genuine and authentic. The ingredients are all locally sourced and fresh, thus imparting a characteristic, homemade quality to the food. Of notable mention is the “menù degustazione“, which will introduce travelers to the regional cuisine through a tasty tour of the flavors and smells of the area.

via Borgo Canale 12, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 261402