The Brunch Spots In Rimini, Italy

The Brunch Spots In Rimini, Italy
On the Adriatic coast, Italians like to take it slow in the mornings: a coffee and a newspaper in a local cafe before work is how the day starts for most. If you’re visiting on holiday then you’ll have even more time on your hands to try something sweet to compliment the bitter tastes of an Italian espresso. Let’s see what the beach-side town of Rimini has to offer.
Espresso Machine © jimmyweee/Flickr

Grand Hotel Rimini

The most iconic and prestigious hotel in Rimini, synonymous with the life of the Italian film director Federico Fellini, invites guests to their magnificent Sunday brunch, starting at noon. At 35 euros per head (and half price for 4-10 year olds) you can drop in for their brunch buffet all year round. The staff at the Grand Hotel also like to organize the occasional picnic on the lawn out front when the weather is nice – check their website for further details.

Macaroons © julien haler/Flickr

La Briocheria

Walking into this cafe near the Arco di Augusto is like being enveloped by a cloud of pink candyfloss: richly decorated cakes are mounted onto the walls and framed opposite the counter, where filled brioche (as the Italians like to call their croissants), macaroons, cupcakes and cookies are displayed, ordered and served in lovely little trays just large enough to fit a tea or espresso cup.

L’Oasi da Nona Maria

The first watermelon vendors to set up shop in the city were the Tinnirello family. Fifty years on and they’re still going strong, selling the juiciest watermelons delivered by their beloved 1966 red Fiat van from Sicily, Mantova and Ferrara, according to the season. They shift 500 kilos every weekend between the months of June and September, and while they don’t have a fixed location in town they can usually be found lingering by the Romeo Neri stadium.

Cannoli siciliani © Mindmatrix/WikiCommons

Pasticceria Il Duomo

On the Piazza Trè Martiri and opposite the Tempio Malatestiano (also known as the duomo) is Il Duomo Pasticceria. Those in search of a sweet morning treat to go with their coffee will find it here: try anything from the wide selection of fresh brioche (they especially urge customers to try their Viennese Kiffer) or one of their classic Italian desserts by the slice, from Tiramisù to Bavarian cream cake.

Ciuri Ciuri

This Sicilian pasticceria on Via Flaminia has been in the Monte family since the 1950s. The southern specialties are represented in their full splendor, but the one to go for is the cannolo, a hard, tube-shaped pastry with a creamy filling, the most traditional being pistachio or almond flavor. Every Italian city has a go-to Sicilian pasticceria – Giuseppe Monte at Ciuri Ciuri is Rimini’s.