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Restaurant on Lake Como © Shearing Holidays/Flickr
Restaurant on Lake Como © Shearing Holidays/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants On Lake Como

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy and is one of Europe’s favourite tourist destinations. The mountains and the lake intersect here in breath-taking ways; snow-tipped glaciers looming above crystal-clear waters. Oh, and the dining’s not bad either, just check out these 10 gems.
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Agriturismo Sorsasso

Located on the northern end of Lake Como, this family-run restaurant is an ‘agriturismo’, which means that every dish is sourced from its adjoining farm or the nearby area. The setting is rustic and enjoys an impressive view of the lake. As is often the case for agriturismo restaurants, meals are prepared by local, home-trained cooks with a reputation for traditional methods. This lends a characteristic, home-made and earthy flavor that rarely fails to impress.

via Gaggio 1/bis, Gaggio (Domaso), Italy, +39 0344 910022

Lake Como © Pixabay

Lake Como © Pixabay

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Ittiturismo da Abate

Inspired by a love of fishing on Lake Como, Ittiturismo da Abate is based on the idea that the area has much more to offer than just wonderful scenery and fascinating cultural sites. The fish served on the table are caught daily by Giuseppe, Claudio and Silvia, the three managers. The cooked sushi of the lake, one of the appetizers on the menu, is evidence enough of the creativity employed here; while the sprawling platters of lake food make for something truly special.

Frazione Villa 4, Villa (Lezzeno), Italy, +39 031 914986

Dinner lake fish …. fantastic… Lake Como Lezzeno … 😋

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Antica Trattoria del Risorgimento

Nestled in a secluded position, Antica Trattoria del Risorgimento guarantees an unmatched tranquility and a characteristic atmosphere which impossible to find on busier streets. The dishes are based on fresh local ingredients and really are as good as they look, with wonderful compositions enhancing mesmerizing flavors. It is a family-run trattoria with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and reasonable prices; not to be missed!

via Sant’Abbondio 8, Azzano di Mezzegra, Italy, +39 0344 41789

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La Colombetta

Situated in the heart of Como, La Colombetta is one of the most renowned restaurants in the city. The atmosphere accentuates its rustic quality and creates a cozy, romantic feel. This means that couples can find the ideal setting for a candle-lit dinner without missing the views that are so much part of the Lake Como experience. The cuisine is based on recipes handed down through generations, yet constantly enriched and modernized.

via Armando Diaz 40, Como, Italy, +39 031 262703

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Agriturismo La Selvaggia

Agriturismo La Selvaggia is the perfect opportunity to sample authentic, rustic fare. In an elevated position which allows a fantastic view of the surrounding area and of the lake, this family-run restaurant provides guests with a reception that you’d expect for family members on a special occasion! There is no fixed menu, which contributes to the impression that customers are not just customers, but first and foremost guests. Reservations are highly recommended.

via Santa Maria, Somana (Mandello del Lario), Italy, +39 338 1740083

Lunch with a view 👌🏻

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Locanda La Tirlindana

With a charming courtyard directly on the lakeside and a private jetty which makes the restaurant reachable by boat, Locanda La Tirlindana provides its guests with a magical mealtime amidst wonderful scenery. The cuisine is sophisticated, all the dishes are elaborate and appealing to the eye and taste great too. Why not try the famed lemon and mascarpone raviol? Italian through-and-through.

piazza Giacomo Matteotti 5, Sala Comacina, Italy, +39 0344 56637

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Ristorante Aurora Lezzeno

With a balcony overlooking the beach, Ristorante Aurora Lezzeno ensures all guests a wonderful view whilst tasting traditional Italian dishes. It specializes in lake fish, but also serves, more standard regional food. For primi-loving customers, the ravioli with local pears and cheese would be an ideal match, while a selection of lake fish is a great choice for those wishing to sample local produce.

via Sossana 2, Lezzeno, Italy, +39 031 914645

… a beautiful week end I hope for everyone!! 🤗💋 Lezzeno Lake Como Italy !

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La Vita è Bella

Situated in a tranquil area of Como, La Vita è Bella specializes in generous, original salads with quality dressing and fresh ingredients. The menu is wide and the combinations are creative and satisfying. The staff are friendly and service is rapid. La Vita è Bella is the perfect choice for those looking to eat a healthy meal whilst enjoying top-notch ingredients with fantastic sauces. There are tasty alternatives to salad, but this is what really makes this restaurant stand out from the crowd.

piazza Domenico Croggi 4, Como, Italy, +39 031 302667

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Trattoria del Porto

Situated near the pier of Careno, this trattoria offers local, home-made cuisine in an informal setting. It is also possible to visit a church nearby, that of San Martino, the keys of which are in the hands of the proprietor of Trattoria del Porto. Over summer, customers are accommodated outside, on a balcony with an enchanting view of the lake. The décor is simple and rustic, which makes any patron feel like a beloved guest. The food is top-notch and well-presented to boot.

via Del Pontile 26, Careno, Nesso, Italy, +39 031 910195

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The Market Place

The Market Place opened in 2011, when chef Davide Maci came back from London to Italy. His cuisine is based on quality ingredients and thorough culinary research. It is possible to try out one of the set menus, a classic and a gourmet one, or customers are more than welcome to choose à la carte, if they intend to focus their experience on specific dishes. The menus take patrons on a journey through different tastes and smells, and not without the merry accompaniment of wine.

via Gerolamo Borsieri 21, Como, Italy, +39 031 270712