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The 10 Best Restaurants Near The Spanish Steps In Rome
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The 10 Best Restaurants Near The Spanish Steps In Rome

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Built in the 18th century, the Spanish Steps lead up to the Trinità dei Monti church and is now a popular spot for visitors. The top of the stairs shows a marvelous view over the old city, making the climb worth the effort. While visiting this area of Rome there a number of restaurants to visit, each with their own charm and great views. Here’s our list of the best restaurants near Rome’s Spanish Steps.
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With a lounge style atmosphere and floor to ceiling windows, ‘Gusto is a great location to relax and people watch during a trip to Rome. The interior is industrial chic with brick floors and features a chalkboard style menu as it changes from day to day depending on the availability of the ingredients. The restaurant specializes in pizza and wine, and everything is guaranteed to be produced fresh.

Address & phone number: Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9, 00186 Roma, Italy +39 06 322 6273

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A simple restaurant with minimalist decor, Gina focuses on bringing quality food to hungry customers. The menu options include a variety of quiches and sandwiches as a change of pace from the pizza and pasta places nearby. The restaurant also provides picnic basket lunches for guests who would prefer to spend a sunny afternoon enjoying lunch in the park beyond the Spanish Steps.

Address & phone number: Via di S. Sebastianello, 7A, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 678 0251

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With music gently playing in the background and elegant marble floors, this Michelin star restaurant is a fancy location for a final meal in Rome. From the windows of Imago, guests have a panoramic view of the cityscape and the historic buildings of ancient Rome. The menu is seasonal and offers a selection of the finest quality Italian cuisine.

Address & phone number: Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 6993 4726

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Enoteca Regionale Palatium

Enoteca Regionale is a modern restaurant with urban style decor that offers a very traditional menu. The restaurant is filled with mouthwatering aromas and the food is equally as flavorful. Each of the dishes is seasonal, prepared from traditional recipes, and paired with local wine, and for those who prefer to not eat meat there is a great range of vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

Address & phone number: Via Frattina, 94, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 6920 2132

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Le Grotte

A cozy family friendly restaurant, Le Grotte is a popular restaurant among the locals of Rome. The tables are covered with beautiful linen table cloths and there are a number of paintings on the wall that were created by local artists. Guests can choose from a variety of wood oven pizzas and pair it with one of the wines from their extensive list, making for a complete and delicious meal.

Address & phone number: Via della Vite, 37, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 678 4117

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La Buvette

A vintage atmosphere complete with wood paneling on the walls and comfortable leather benches, La Buvette is a fun place to relax. Guests are welcome to visit and spend time people watching as they eat. This makes it a great place to catch a glimpse of Italian culture and then take in the sights and sounds of the city around them. The staff are attentive and willing to help with any questions about the menu or the restaurant itself.

Address & phone number: Via Vittoria, 44, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 679 0383

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Sofia is a charming family run restaurant that prides itself on bringing home cooking to its guests. The dishes are prepared from traditional family recipes and make use of the freshest ingredients to increase the flavor. The intimate setting is perfect for a date or for a dinner out with family while visiting the famous Spanish Steps.

Address & phone number: Via di Capo le Case 51. 00187 Rome, Italy +39 06 8987 3857

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With dark paneled wood walls and a lively atmosphere, Nino is an exciting restaurant perfect for those who wish to get a true Italian experience. The daily and seasonal menu is full of Tuscan dishes such as ribollita and spinach flan, providing a change from pizza and pasta. The restaurant also prides itself on the Tuscan red wine that is a good pairing with nearly every dish.

Address & phone number: Via Borgognona, 11, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 678 6752

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Osteria Margutta

Osteria Margutta is a theater and culture themed restaurant that centers its decor and food around art. The yellow exterior is covered with ivy, giving off a charming air, and the interior is full of theater memorabilia from Italian shows and actors. The menu changes every six months, with the exception of seasonal items, and each dish is prepared with as much care as the last to create a work of art.

Address & phone number: Via Margutta, 82b, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 323 1025

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Il Gabriello

Il Gabriello is a classic Italian restaurant with an intimate atmosphere, making it a great spot for a date, a dinner with family, or a relaxing evening with friends. The staff are friendly and offer wonderful wine recommendations for each dish from their extensive selection. Each visit is sure to satisfy every guest with food that is consistently excellent.

Address & phone number: Via Vittoria, 51, 00100 Roma, Italy +39 06 6994 0810