The 10 Best Restaurants On Murano Island, Venice

Photo of Luca Pinelli
9 February 2017

Murano is one of the best-known islands in Venice’s lagoon and is renowned for its glass production. In addition, it a great touristy place both because of its glass workshops and its characteristic beauty. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best restaurants in Murano – places in which to kick back and enjoy the city’s culinary wonders.

Canal Grande in Murano | © Son of Groucho/Flickr

Trattoria Busa alla Torre (da Lele)

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One of the most historic restaurants in Murano, Trattoria Busa alla Torre is renowned thanks to its chef and master of the house Gabriele Masiol, nicknamed “Lele il Rosso” (“Lele the Red”). He is scrupulous and enterprising, with a passion for food that is hard to conceal – and this shows in his dishes and the service of the restaurant. The menu offers typical Venetian dishes made with seasonal products sourced from the lagoon.

Osteria al Duomo

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Originating as a food cooperative in 1903, Osteria al Duomo is now a household name in Murano. A family-run restaurant, it attempts to preserve the local cuisine and offers typical Venetian dishes. The ingredients are all of great quality and are carefully selected for their freshness, while the food options enhance the value of the seasonal, locally-sourced foodstuffs.

La Perla Ai Bisatei

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Murano lighthouse
Murano lighthouse | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
Upon entering this restaurant, patrons are usually overwhelmed by the number of Italian visitors. This is proof of the sheer quality and the reliability of the establishment. The dishes are authentic and simple – and if the food is not enough, the cordial staff and the Venetian proprietor will charm you with their welcoming hospitality.

Trattoria Valmarana

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Trattoria Valmara is a restaurant that offers local cuisine, and the set menus are relatively cheap, comprising of a good selection of the specialties. The staff are cordial and very friendly, the atmosphere is rustic and simple and the restaurant also offers a wonderful outdoor garden covered by a wooden veranda.


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A relatively new restaurant- osteria in Murano, Acquastanca is characterized by modern, captivating decor that will not fail to mesmerize most visitors. The menu is heavily reliant on seafood, featuring local fish caught in the lagoon, combined in wonderful dishes with the freshest ingredients. The staff are more than happy to guide their customers through the various possibilities on the specials card and are very professional and passionate about what they do.

Trattoria Bar Serenella dal Coco

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An antipasto at B Restaurant
An antipasto at B Restaurant | Courtesy of B Restaurant alla Vecchia Pescheria
If visitors intend to stray off-the-beaten-path a little and want to venture to Serenella by vaporetto, Trattoria Bar Serenella dal Coco will be there waiting! With a set menu inclusive of a primo, a secondo and a side at the bargain price of just €15, this restaurant offers a good example of local, hearty cuisine. Service is quick, the staff are friendly and the environment is kept simple and functional – it’s Italian through-and-through!

B Restaurant alla Vecchia Pescheria

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Located near a furnace with a view of Rio dei Vetrai, where glass-making factories are housed, B Restaurant alla Vecchia Pescheria is a multi-functional restaurant which attempts to make room for comfort and pleasure amidst the local businesses. It offers good aperitifs and coffee breaks for those who need to rest their legs from a long day of walking, or simply a quick espresso to give them energy to carry on with their visit to the glass-making island. For those who are more hungry, B Restaurant alla Vecchia Pescheria serves great local seafood cooked in simple yet creative ways.


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Approdo is a snack bar where customers are invited to have a quick bite before carrying on with their tour of the island. Its menu comprises of thin-crust pizzas, various wraps and primi. The range of options is not particularly wide, but the cafe is intended to be a place where people can come and go for a casual lunch or just a snack during the day.

Trattoria Al Corallo

With some of the lowest prices on the island, Trattoria Al Corallo will be a pleasant stopover on any tourist’s busy schedule. The menu offers fresh dishes of the day alongside the never-boring taste of Venetian specialties. Located on one of Murano’s canals, this trattoria boasts rustic decor, a simplicity that is hard to match and great quality at a bargain price.

Address: Fondamenta Vetrai 73, Murano, Venice, Italy, +39 041 739636

Ristorante Pizzeria Marlin

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Located on one of Murano’s best-known canals, Ristorante Pizzeria Marlin is a welcoming restaurant that also serves good pizza. With a wide and diverse menu it attempts to cater to different palates, while its customers are mainly tourists who happen to be in the area and want to be introduced to the local cuisine. The view that patrons can enjoy from the front of the restaurant is really enchanting and goes well with the hearty grub served here.