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November in Turin | © Federico Feroldi/Flickr
November in Turin | © Federico Feroldi/Flickr

The 10 Best Restaurants In Quadrilatero Romano, Turin

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Turin hides beauty in every spot, nook and cranny, and that includes lovely restaurants. Visitors will find any number of fine spots to eat as they walk around this north Italian town; the finest are arguably in the city’s Quadrilatero Romano. We list the top 10 to try here.


There are countless burger places in Turin and each of them features different styles while maintaining high quality standards. Fassoneria is right up there with the best. Their burgers are made exclusively with controlled Piedmontese fassone meat and cooked to perfection.
Fassoneria, piazza Emanuele Filiberto 4, Turin, Italy, +39 346 234 1996


Tre galline

Sitting right behind Porta Palazzo with its historic entrance, Tre Galline is a characteristic local restaurant. The cuisine is traditional Piedmontese from appetizers to dessert, offering a variety of truffle dishes, pastas and more. Every ingredient on the menu is specifically sourced from the fields around Turin.
Tre galline, via Gian Francesco Bellezia 37, Turin, Italy, +39  011 436 6553



This characteristic local restaurant at the edge of Porta Palazzo offers excellent traditional Piedmontese cuisine in a friendly environment. At the same time it is rustic and elegant, with wine barrels as decorations and wooden furnishing. The menu is short but tasty menu, featuring homemade dishes cooked with local ingredients.
L’acino, via San Domenico 2/A, Turin, Italy, +39 011 521 7077

Pizza | © Joseph Richard Francis

Pizza | © Joseph Richard Francis


Chezà, a restaurant and a pizzeria, welcomes customers into a warm atmosphere with exceptionally friendly staff. Set in a cheerful, multicultural area, the restaurant’s decorations take their inspiration from the Greek landscape, with light blue walls and white furnishings in abundance. Desserts here come highly recommended.
Chezà, piazza Emanuele Filiberto 10/c, Turin, Italy, +39 011 436 8643


La Panzanella

La Panzanella is mostly a pizzeria, but features tasty cuisine dishes as well, such as delicious risotto or fresh Italian fish cuts. The staff is friendly and the pizza is great, while the restaurant also shows soccer games on its large TV, making it a lively spot to head for an evening meal and perfect for mixing with the Turin locals when they are at their liveliest.
La Panzanella, via San Domenico 34, Turin, Italy, +39 011 046 3656



This restaurant is a self-service soup stop-off where it’s possible to stop for a light soup or a salad, all made with the freshest ingredients. The place is cozy and offers the chance to enjoy the sun on a lovely patio, which is heated too, so that customers can eat outside on nice winter days. Soup&Go is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, making it a good place for a quick lunch or a take away no matter the dietary requirements.
: Soup&Go, via San Dalmazzo 8/a, Turin, Italy, +39 011 1988 7604


Las Rosas

Quadrilatero Romano is a multicultural neighborhood and this reflects in the gastronomic line-up too. This Mexican taqueria features an intimate atmosphere with candles on every colorful table. The long menu offers tacos and fajitas and other tasty traditional dishes from Latin America.
Las Rosas, via Gian Francesco Bellezia 15/f, Turin, Italy, +39 011 521 3907


Pippo Paranza

At Pippo Paranza everything from the furnishing to the dishes, feels like it could be a restaurant on Pier39 in San Francisco, or somewhere salt-washed on the Eastern Seaboard. The place is completely decorated with fisherman hardware and painted in a deep sea blue, while the atmosphere is cozy and the food excellent. Even the creative cakes look like shells freshly picked off the sand.

Pippo Paranza, via Gian Francesco Bellezia 29, Turin, Italy, +39 011 765 3356



This rustic trattoria features traditional Piedmontese food, offered in a characteristic setting with old-style decorations and a warm atmosphere, made possible thanks to the welcoming staff. The local dishes are excellent and after dinner patrons can take a relaxing walk along the nearby via Garibaldi.
Aldente, via delle Orfane 19/g, Turin, Italy, +39 011 436 8105


La Taverna dei Mercanti

La taverna dei Mercanti, with its friendly staff and amiable vibes, has a menu that features traditional Piedmontese cuisine cooked with high-quality ingredients. The restaurant also offers daily menus with fresh dishes, all of which come at a fixed price for lunch.
La taverna dei mercanti, via Santa Chiara 13, Turin, Italy, +39 011 521 2017