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The 10 Best Restaurants in Trevi, Rome
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The 10 Best Restaurants in Trevi, Rome

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Trevi is one of the busier neighborhoods in Rome, with many tourists visiting to catch a glimpse of the well-known fountain and perhaps make a wish. While visiting such a famous part of the city, why not sit, relax, and enjoy the sights and sounds at one of the excellent restaurants nearby. Here’s a list of our favorite places to eat in Rome’s Trevi.
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Piccolo Arancio

A small and quiet restaurant, Piccolo Arancio seeks to revisit and reinterpret traditional Roman dishes into something more modern. The restaurant has friendly and entertaining staff and is great for families with younger children. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful meal away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets and simply relax after a long day of visiting the sites.

Address & phone number: Vicolo Scanderbeg, 112, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 678 6139

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La Fontana di Venere

Named after the goddess Venus, La Fontana di Venere is a romantic and enchanting restaurant that offers Mediterranean and Roman cuisine. The restaurant is exquisitely decorated and is completed by a stone statue of the goddess herself. Highlights include the delicious creamy triple chocolate mousse and homemade limoncello liqueur.

Address & phone number: Vicolo dei Modelli, 56, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 6992 4087

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Trattoria Moro

A wood-paneled restaurant from the 1920s, Trattoria Moro offers a classic Roman menu and an extensive wine list. Guests can enjoy the summer sun from the outdoor seating area and try items such as cheese, cured meats and pasta made from fresh local ingredients. All the staff are warm and welcoming and will not hesitate to answer any questions about the menu.

Address & phone number: Vicolo delle Bollette, 13, 00187 Roma, Italy+39 06 678 3495

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Colline Emiliane

A beautiful restaurant that is popular with the locals, Colline Emiliane is a excellent place to stop for lunch before heading off to explore the history of Rome. The restaurant is family run and provides a broad selection of fresh and flavorful pasta dishes, such as sweet pumpkin ravioli.

Address & phone number: Via degli Avignonesi, 22, 00187 Roma, Italy+39 06 481 7538

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Sacro e Profano

Located in a former Medieval church, Sacro e Profano is a cozy and intimate place to eat a meal while taking in all the old frescoes on the walls. The restaurant provides a range of Calabrian dishes from the south of Italy, giving guests an alternative to the many restaurants providing Roman cuisine.

Address & phone number: Via dei Maroniti, 29, 00187 Roma, Italy+39 06 679 1836

Courtesy of Baccano
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The high-ceiling of Baccano creates a bright and spacious setting to sit down and sample some of the best Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. This contemporary restaurant also features a vintage flair with its interior decor and location. The staff are amicable and ready to help with any questions on the menu, which consists of a broad range of hearty and warm pasta dishes.

Address & phone number: Via delle Muratte, 23, Roma, Italy+39 06 6994 1166

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Spiriti e Forme

Located down a side street, Spiriti e Forme is an easy place to miss but is worth hunting for. The decor is a mix of contemporary and traditional, and is a nice reprieve from the hot sun and the busy tourist bustle around the fountain. The menu has classic Italian options of pizza and pasta that can be enjoyed with a glass of wine while listening to music.

Address & phone number: Vicolo Scavolino, 63, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 6919 1086

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Il Chianti

Il Chianti is a winery and restaurant where guests can sample and pair flavorful Italian wines with a selection of homemade pastas. The restaurant, which is popular with the locals, features a rustic wooden counter and provides a calm spot to relax and soak up the sights and sounds of Rome.

Address & phone number: Via del Lavatore, 81, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 678 7550

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La Lanterne

A quiet restaurant with a beautiful terrace, La Lanterne offers a delicious Italian meal away from the busy streets around the Trevi Fountain, yet is still close enough for customers to meander over after the meal. This is an ideal restaurant for a romantic dinner in Rome and is a great place to bring to a close to any extended trip to the city.

Address & phone number: Via della Pilotta, 21A, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 6992 4458

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L’Archetto is an easy to miss spaghetti house with rustic exposed beams and and a gorgeous alleyway terrace. The restaurant features a large pasta menu that can be accompanied by all manner of toppings. This is a perfect stop for pasta lovers and a great way to get a taste of exactly what Italy has to offer; when it comes to food, they don’t hold back.

Address & phone number: Via dell’Archetto, 26, 00187 Roma, Italy+39 06 678 9064