The 10 Best Restaurants In Pula, Italy

Pula, Italy | © Discanto/WikiCommons
Pula, Italy | © Discanto/WikiCommons
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9 February 2017

Located at the southern tip of Sardinia, Pula is renowned for its beauty as well as its cuisine. Pula is one of the best hubs for great cuisine in Europe – here’s where to go to experience this exceptional food.

Cucina Machri

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Cucina Machri offers an elegant white interior replete with fresh plants, rustic antique furnishings, and sunny French windows. Its aesthetic makes it a refreshing spot to enjoy a meal, but it’s the food that will make you want to stay. Cucina Machri serves a variety of dishes with beautiful presentation ranging from mussels and seared fish to steaks and pastas. Cucina Machri also has a great selection of beers and wines, which line the shelves in the typical fashion of an Italian restaurant. Finish your meal with some fresh fruit or figs arranged like flowers and served over cream.

Su Furriadroxu

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Su Furriadroxu serves some heavily authentic Italian dishes including whole, succulent pig roasts. Start your meal with a plate to share of cured ham, olives, salami and local cheese. For the veggie lovers among you, take an order of the creamy, slow-roasted eggplant. Plus, there are many different pasta dishes prepared with rich sauces. Enjoy your meal outside on the rustic patio that’s enveloped in a lush thicket of plants. Naturally, the tables all have red-and-white checkered tablecloths to boot. A meal at Su Furriadroxu will give you firsthand insight into the traditions of this intriguing little island in the Mediterranean.

Fradis Minoris

Fradis Minoris offers you the opportunity to dine al fresco on a patio that is situated right on the edge of the sea. This is a phenomenal place to enjoy a drink as the sun sets on a balmy evening. The menu serves plenty of light fare. What’s more is that Fradis Minoris prepares its food with great concern for local biodiversity. Like many restaurants on the island, Fradis Minoris specializes in seafood dishes, but the main stars are often those neglected varieties of fish like the bonito and the mullet. There are also plenty of gourmet desserts featuring rich coffee, flavored cream, fruity glazes, and airy pastries. Once you’re done with your meal, make a point of taking a walk along the water.

Fradis Minoris, Laguna di Nora Loc. Nora 09010 Pula CA, Italy, +39 070 920 9544

Agriturismo Sa Figumorisca

As you may have guessed by the name, Agriturismo Sa Figumorisca is situated within Pula’s gorgeous countryside. The main dining area is located in a villa-style enclosure where billowing canvas curtains stand as the only thing separating it from the spectacular surrounds. From this vantage point, it is possible to see flocks of sheep being herded by local farmers. The food is always fresh and locally sourced. Come here for roasted pork, traditional stews, gnocchi, local wines, and authentic desserts. The staff is notably friendly and utterly enthusiastic about what they do. This is an ideal spot to enjoy a romantic dinner in the evening or a sunny morning brunch.

Agriturismo Sa Figumorisca, Localita’ Sa Muxiuridda, 09010 Villa San Pietro CA, Italy, +39 347 635 6656

Lobina’s Ristorante

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Lobina’s Ristorante serves stellar seafood dishes, pastas, and other Mediterranean fare in a sultry atmosphere. Some popular menu items include penne with whole prawns in a special sauce, clams with capellini, truly gargantuan lobsters, Caprese salad, mussels, and charred octopus. There is also an extensive selection of fantastic wines and classic cocktails on the menu. The restaurant has a laid-back setting, and the effervescent owner is likely to be the one to wait on you. The best place to dine is on the patio where you can either choose to sit in the sun or beneath the shaded veranda.

Agrihotel Morada Restaurant

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Agrihotel Morada Restaurant is an upscale spot that offers an elevated variation on traditional local dishes. They offer two tasting menus: one with meat and another with seafood. Try the scallop, fish, and mussels trio. Each one is prepared in a flavorful way and with fantastic presentation. There are also many different hearty seafood pastas featuring gnocchi or ravioli and various kinds of shellfish. We recommend the house wine, as it goes nicely with each dish. Be sure to save room for dessert. Some items on offer include the tortola di choccolata, a custard parfait, and homemade ice cream. Top off the meal with a limoncello, of course.


BeeRestaurant is a fun and casual place serving drinks and a mix of dishes. While most of the menu features local cuisine, you will also find some more usual bar fare like French fries and steaks. As for the main dishes, there are many seafood pastas and risottos. Let us suggest the scampi served over creamy burrata. As for the beers, there are many different options from regions spanning all across Europe. End the meal with a tiramisu served in a trendy glass jar. The outdoor terrace fills right up in the evenings, making for a festive, social vibe. BeeRestaurant truly offers something different in Pula.

BeeRestaurant, Piazza del Popolo, 69 I-09010 Pula CA, Italy

Turrita de Arrieras

Turrita de Arrieras offers the quintessential flavors of Sardinia with an emphasis on meats and fresh produce in a locale that is equally authentic. Enjoy your meal surrounded by colorful natural flora, which cultivates spectacular views. The all-natural ingredients hail directly from Turrita de Arrieras’ family farm. What’s more is that Turrita de Arrieras is conveniently located near the Nora and Santa Margherita di Pula beaches. The multi-course dinner begins at 8:30pm, and the tables are prepped with phenomenal appetizers like Sardinian sausage, pecorino cheese, olives, and roasted peppers. Subsequent courses have been known to feature barbecued pork, fregula, and much more. This is the place to go if you’re looking to indulge in a huge meal.

Turrita de Arrieras, Località, Sa tanca de is poburusu, 09010 Pula CA, Italy, +39 349 165 7679

Zia Leunora

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Situated on a side street in Pula’s historic district, Zia Leunora is a local favorite. A family-run restaurant, the menu’s main focus is on seafood. Begin your meal with the heart-shaped tuna tartare. As for the main, one of the most popular dishes is the risotto del mare, which comes with plenty of different seafood varieties including mussels, prawns, and clams. Naturally, there are also plenty of other pasta dishes that feature fresh seafood as well as some amazing whole roasted fish. The restaurant itself is rustic and homey. The prices are also quite fair for the abundance of seafood included in each dish.

Zio Dino

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What’s an Italian vacation without pizza? Zio Dino offers phenomenal pies as well as classic Sardinian dishes and seafood in a lively atmosphere. One thing that sets many of the pizzas apart is that many of them come with hand-harvested mushrooms. If fungi really aren’t your thing, rest assured that the other ingredients promise equal levels of quality and freshness. As you approach Zino Dino, you won’t be able to miss it because its name is written in large pink and white letters on the side of the building as if it were done in graffiti.