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Genoa, Italy © Pixabay
Genoa, Italy © Pixabay
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Genoa, Italy

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Genoa, the capital of Liguria in north-western Italy, is home to one of the largest seaports in the country. It has been awarded the European Capital of Culture features on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its palaces, beaches, and churches are undoubtedly the most charming ones in north Italy. When you fancy a break from sightseeing and exploring, check out some of the best restaurants Genoa has to offer
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Le Cantine Squarciafico

Le Cantine Squarciafico is situated near the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and Palazzo Ducale, in Palazzo Squarciafico, a beautiful building from the 16th century covered in colorful frescoes. The interior of the restaurant has a historical look, with monumental columns standing in the middle. The restaurant’s chef, Maurizio Piana, specializes in traditional Ligurian dishes, such as curry with mussels and tomato sauce or swordfish carpaccio.

Address & telephone number: Le Cantine Squarciafico, Piazza Invrea 3/R, Genoa, Italy, +39 010 247 0823

Genoa's Palazzo Ducale © Pedro
Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale | © Pedro
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Tiflis is an Italian-Georgian restaurant whose name signifies the Byzantine term for Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The diner is located on top of a hill, which allows you to admire all of Genoa as well as the coast of Liguria. Its ground floor functions as an enoteca, the wine cellar, where you can taste wines from virtually every region in the world. Its top floor is an elegant restaurant which specializes in barbecued meat dishes, offering also other Italian and Georgian plates.

Address & telepone number: Tiflis, Vico del Fico 35R, Genoa, Italy, +39 010 256479

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Trattoria dell’Acciughetta

This restaurant serves typical local Ligurian fish and seafood dishes, particularly centered on blue-tailed fish, known in Italy as ‘the bread of the sea’. The theme of the place matches the tourist attractions nearby, such as the Galata Museum of the Sea and the Aquarium of Genoa. Trattoria dell’Acciughetta’s dinner and lunch menus change every day, but the most well-known and distinct dishes are: trofie pasta all’Acciughetta, anchovie soup, and the famous Italian frittata with mixed fish.

Address & telephone number: Trattoria dell’Acciughetta, Piazza Sant’Elena, Genoa, Italy, +39 010 869 3918

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Le Cicale

Located near the central Piazza della Vittoria, Le Cicale is a classy, vintage-decorated Italian restaurant. Run by one family, the restaurant bases its menu on the long-standing family traditions. The dishes offered are created from Italian products but not easy to find in other local diners. The menu includes unique pastas, such as ravioli with black truffle and butter as well as interesting main courses, such as grilled squids on potatoes served with lemon cream, and fillet of rabbit with rosemary, leeks, pine nuts and raisins.

Address & telephone number: Le Cicale, Via Macaggi 53 rosso, Genoa, Italy, +39 010 592581

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Toe Drûe

This antica osteria dates back to the beginning of the last century, which is reflected in the restaurant’s interiors, marble artifacts, and monochrome color scheme. It offers a mixture of Ligurian and Piedmontese dishes, such as Piedmontese beef ravioli with Castelmagno cheese sauce or boiled dry salt codfish with vegetables. The place is located near the naval and archaeological museums of Genoa, making it a strategic dining spot for museum lovers.

Address & telephone number: Toe Drûe, Via Corsi 44r, Genoa, Italy, +39 010 650 0100

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Il Masetto

Il Masetto, offers a fast and casual dining experience in the historical center of Genoa. The menu offers almost twenty different burgers to choose from. Il Masetto’s chef uses his experience in the slow-dining restaurant industry, ensuring that the quality of the burgers and the meat is excellent.

Address & telephone number: Il Masetto, Via Canneto il Lungo, 111r, Genoa, Italy, +39 342 961 9673

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Indarsena Oyster Bar

Situated near the Galata Museum of the Sea, Indarsena specializes in various types of oysters and shellfish. The place is modeled after the French bar à huitres. Apart from the seafood, you can order more sophisticated dishes such as fish soup or mixed fish carpaccio. Apart from dinners, Indarsena serves the famous Italian aperitivo (wine of your choice plus a variety of snacks).

Address & telephone number: Indarsena Oyster Bar, Calata Andalò di Negro, Genoa, Italy, +39 347 713 9020

© Pixabay
Seafood | © Pixabay
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The Zeffirino restaurant was established almost eighty years ago, during World War II by a family of farmers. It offers a rich selection from the Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. The real highlight of the menu is the excellent, homemade pesto alla Genovese, which is used in a wide number of dishes. The restaurant is tastefully decorated and boasts an impressive wine selection.

Address & telephone number: Zeffirino, Via XX Settembre 20, Genoa, Italy, +39 010 570 5939

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Il Veliero

ll Veliero is a combination of an elegant restaurant and a local pizzeria, offering all types of Ligurian dishes as well as the traditional pizza foccacia col formaggio that comes from a charming coastal town called Recco. Il Veliero is located near the famous and picturesque old mariners’ quarter Boccadasse, offering a splendid view from the restaurant’s Sea Room. The menu includes the black risotto di seppia, lobster spaghetti, and cut fish served with rocket salad.

Address & telephone number: Il Veliero, Corso Italia 7, Genoa, Italy, +39 010 311506

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Ugo e Uga

Around since the 1930s, Ugo e Uga offers bread and desserts of their own production as well as a selection of dishes from the local and Italian cuisine. The trattoria charms diners with its simple, old-fashioned look. The menu includes meatloaf dishes as well as typically Ligurian ravioli and pansoti – pasta stuffed with meat served with walnut sauce. The friendly service and impressive wine selection give a friendly, less touristy feel to the restaurant.

Address & telephone number: Ugo e Uga, Via Bernardo Castello 2, Genoa, Italy, +39 010 540032