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Un Tubo | © Un Tubo
Un Tubo | © Un Tubo
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The 10 Best Local Bars In Siena, Italy

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Italy’s loveliest medieval city and Tuscany’s jewel is filled with spectacular art and architecture at every corner. Siena has a rich historical legacy and an equally exciting nightlife scene. After a busy day of sightseeing, relax with a drink or two at one of the city’s loveliest bars. Here is our guide to the best options for every taste and budget.
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Un Tubo

It’s cozy, dimly lit and has soul. Un Tubo is where you can enjoy an exhibition of contemporary art and listen to jazzy melodies played by talented musicians with a glass of excellent wine.

Address & telephone number: Via del Luparello 2, Siena, +39 0577271312

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Tea Room

As the name reveals, this comfortable place offers an amazing variety of tea flavors from all over the world. At night, Tea Room’s pots are replaced by an intriguing list of cocktails, rum and rare spirits accompanied by delicious snacks and homemade desserts. Take a journey back to the 1920s through vintage furniture and mellow jazz tunes.

Address & telephone number: Via di Porta Giustizia 1, Siena, +39 577 222 753

Tea Room Siena ©My Day Worth

Tea Room Siena ©My Day Worth

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Al Cambio

Siena is a college town, and where there are students, there are also student hangouts. One of the most popular, Al Cambio is a modern club situated just a few steps from the historical center which gets lively during the late hours and especially on weekends serving all kind of drinks.

Address & telephone number: Via Pantaneto 48, Siena, +39 3398177044

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Bar Il Palio

Perfectly located in the heart of the city, this casual bar overlooks Piazza del Campo. The location is just one of the reasons Il Palio is always crowded. Whether you want to sip a cocktail or enjoy a cold beer while people watching, there is no better place to soak up Siena’s medieval glory. Take your time to relax and toast to a beautiful sunset.

Address & telephone number: Piazza del Campo 46-9, Siena, +39 577282055

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Bar Perù

A conveniently located cafe-bar just outside Siena’s medieval walls, this is an excellent choice any time of the day. Bar Perù offers a wide selection of sandwiches and coffees and an equally great variety of drinks to enjoy inside or on the terrace weather permitting.

Address & telephone number: Viale Vittorio Emanuele II 9, Siena, +39 3454157822

Bar Perù ©Haute D' Vie

Bar Perù ©Haute D’ Vie

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Le Tre Rane

Due to its location in the Chianti region, the city is home to some of the finest Italian wines. Le Tre Rane may be a small wine bar but it’s full of charm and hospitality. Open all day long and serving innovative local products of high-quality, it will surely satisfy your thirst or hunger.

Address & telephone number: Via di Stalloreggi 22, Siena, +39 0577284887

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Enoteca Italiana

Housed in the city’s 16th-century fortress, this wine bar is unique and a must-visit for every wine connoisseur. Enoteca Italiana promotes local wines through an impressive display of more than 1600 labels from all over the country. Either inside or on its splendid terraces, take the chance to sample some of the finest wines, complete your experience with a platter of top-notch Tuscan culinary treats and take part in a wine-tasting session for an even better experience.

Address & telephone number: Fortezza Medicea, Piazza Libertà 1, Siena, +39 577228811

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La Diana

A colorful, casual pub La Diana is born from a passion for beer, evident in the wonderful range of craft beers in bottles and taps. The tasty burgers and soccer games on the TV only add to the fun.

Address & telephone number: Via della Stufasecca 1, Siena, +39 0577222241

La Diana, Siena ©Googleimage

La Diana, Siena ©Google image

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Cacio & Pere

An all-day wine bar and restaurant, Cacio & Pere is renowned for its warm atmosphere, excellent selection of wines served by the glass and fascinating events ranging from DJ sets to live music. For an evening on a budget, order your drinks and gain access to their free buffet of delicious snacks.

Address & telephone number: Via dei Termini 70, Siena, +39 05771510727

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Located at the junction of the Terzo di san Martino, Terzo di Camollia and Terzo di Città, this winery is popular for its elegant ambiance and emphasis on the ancient medieval structure. Head to I Terzi to view numerous worldwide wines stocked in the 13th-century underground cellars. Sample some of them as you snack on some tasty Tuscan fare.

Address & telephone number: Via dei Termini 7, Siena, +39 057744329

I TERZI ©mangiabeve

I TERZI ©mangiabeve