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The 10 Best Brunch Spots Near San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots Near San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy

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Updated: 21 November 2016
Renowned for its culinary scene, Florence is filled with places where you can enjoy a delicious snack or meal, and San Lorenzo is the ideal area to find the very best. While you are shopping in the bustling open-air market, take a brunch break at Mercato Centrale or if you prefer something more relaxing, choose one of the nearby excellent spots. Check our guide to make your plans much easier.
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Il Cantuccio Di San Lorenzo

This is the best place to go if you want to taste cantuccini, the typical Tuscan biscuits. Il Cantuccio di San Lorenzo is a workshop selling directly the worldwide appreciated treats. Watch the fascinating process of their preparation, try some of the amazing flavors such as almond, fig and orange accompanied by milk, hot chocolate or coffee and make sure to buy some as souvenirs before you leave.

Address & telephone number: Via Sant’Antonino 23r, Florence, +39 055 290034

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The founding members of Bellamia believe that eating an ice cream is an emotional experience beyond the senses, and this attitude is reflected in their tasty offerings, made with carefully selected ingredients. For a smooth and creamy Italian ice cream, choose one or more of Bellamia’s unique, incomparable flavors that will refresh you in the most enjoyable way.

Address & telephone number: Piazza Madonna Degli Aldobrandini 4, Florence, +39 055 285808

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News Cafè

An authentic gem hidden in a little square near the market is where locals go. News Cafè is a family-run cozy place with a lovely, warm atmosphere. Get a sandwich or a pastry and ask for the special cappuccino to be surprised by the cute, creative design on the top of it. Just a few visits will be enough for the barista to remember your order and serve it with a smile.

Address & telephone number: Via del Giglio 59, Florence, +39 055 2654310

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Panbriaco was born in the heart of the city and it will surely grow in your heart too. Sit at one of the tables outside and enjoy an outstanding fresh panino or focaccia filled with your preferred ingredients. You will certainly find yourself wanting to return to Panbriaco for more divine Tuscan flavors.

Address & telephone number: Via Faenza 13r, Florence, +39 055 975 2513

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Snack Bar Anna

After a few days in Italy, you will notice that most places charge double prices if you decide to sit down. This is not the case for Snack Bar Anna, where the cozy back room makes up the ideal setting to rest your feet at no additional cost. Although their homemade bagels are their specialty, you will find a wide range of heavenly, customized sandwiches suiting every possible taste.

Address & telephone number: Via de’ Ginori, 26, Florence, +39 055 238 1143

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Antica Gelateria Fiorentina

During your stay in Florence, you will have tried the refreshing treasure called gelato. Despite the huge competition, Antica Gelateria Fiorentina stands among the top choices. Sit at one of the little tables for a while to concentrate on your ice cream, characterized by an excellent texture, and do not hesitate to experiment with the unusual yet equally delicious flavors.

Address & telephone number: Via Faenza n. 2A, Florence, +39 320 848 5018

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The passion and care with which everything is prepared, along with the high quality, is more than obvious. Right behind the Mercato Centrale, search for L’ Azdora to enjoy a delightful piadina, the beloved Italian flatbread in the most casual, welcoming environment you will ever find. Even if you can’t decide what exactly you want, the staff’s recommendations will be of great help.

Address & telephone number: Piazza del Mercato Centrale 14/r, 50123Florence, +39 055 268407

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Forno I Tre Pini

A lovely bakery and pastry shop will be your little heaven whether you prefer savory or sweet snacks. Forno I Tre Pini is distinguished by its authenticity and wide variety of offerings. From pizza slices, salty prosciutto buns and biscottini to sweet pies, your brunch can’t go wrong with such a fantastic selection.

Address & telephone number: Via dei Ginori 54/R, Florence, +39 055 287606

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ITIT Il Sandwich Café

This cafe should be your first stop if abundant, comfy seating and free Internet access are what you’re looking for. The ideal place for a weary traveler in need of a rest, ITIT is well known for its absolutely delicious iced coffee and cold drinks, as well as light meals like salads and sandwiches.

Address & telephone number: Via Camillo Cavour 45R, Florence, +39800789317

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La Ménagère

When gourmet cuisine comes together with blooming flowers and home accessories, the most unconventional, creative bistro in the city is born. If you also believe that food is art, spend your brunch break at La Ménagère. The savory and sweet specialties based on traditional recipes and revisited with a contemporary twist will beckon you to come back.

Address & telephone number: Via de ‘Ginori 4/10r, 50122 Florence, +39 055 075 0600