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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Corso Magenta, Milan, Italy
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Corso Magenta, Milan, Italy

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Updated: 16 November 2016
Corso Magenta, and its surrounding area, is one of Milan’s liveliest areas. It is perfect for both sightseeing and a day of shopping. A great brunch at one of our best 10 cafés and restaurants will complement those days and offer a welcome chance to relax for an hour or two.
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Pasticceria Marchesi

Pasticceria Marchesi is one of Milan’s oldest bakeries and pastry shops with a long-standing tradition that is also visible in Pasticceria Marchesi’s original interior. Pasticceria Marchesi is popular with both locals, who usually have a quick coffee at the bar and the occasional fresh brioche, and tourists, admiring the elaborate pastries and wide variety of delicious baked goods. Pasticceria Marchesi is the perfect breakfast spot for first-time visitors, who want to experience typical Milanese breakfast culture.

Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11a, Milan, Italy, +39 02 862 770

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Patti Bakery & Bistrot

The classic Italian café, Patti Bakery & Bistrot, is located in a small side street near Corso Magenta and is a refreshing off-the-beaten-path restaurant. A true Italian bakery, Patti Bakery & Bistrot offers a stunning amount of desserts and homemade cakes that can all be consumed in the relaxed ambiance of the lovingly decorated interior. These classic, sweet breakfast options are also complemented by a light lunch menu with sandwiches and a range of salads. In the late afternoon, the bakery also serves wine and a snack buffet including several types of homemade focaccia and grissini bread (breadsticks), which are definitely worth a try.

Via Giulini Giorgio, 2, Milan, Italy, +39 02 8909 6973

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Café Litta

Café Litta is an intimate café, bar and restaurant just across the road from Palazzo Litta, a baroque building dating back to the Spanish rule of Milan. The café’s interior is decorated in an Art Deco style, with a lot of attention to detail, and it is especially nice in the summer months when guests can sit outside and enjoy the sun. Café Litta serves great Italian coffee, delicious desserts, a light lunch menu and typically Italian aperitivo in the late afternoon.

Corso Magenta 25, Milan, Italy

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Biffi is a pastry shop and bakery dating back as far as 1847 on Corso Magenta. The pasticceria, that has more than 160 years of experience in baking, is especially popular with locals that live in the area for its high-quality, handmade pastries and excellent service. Biffi’s specialty is the traditional panettone milanese, a delicious type of sweet bread with raisins and candied oranges that every visitor in Milan should taste at least once. Tea time is the best time to visit Biffi.

Corso Magenta 87, Milan, Italy, +39 02 4800 6702

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Pasticceria San Carlo

Right behind the beautiful church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Pasticceria San Carlo is one of Milan’s most historic and prestigious bakeries that stands for the highest baking tradition. Its sophisticated and creative pastry, savory snacks, and elegant interior make for an extraordinary breakfast experience. Pasticceria San Carlo makes fantastic cakes for special occasions, such as birthdays or weddings, biscuits that follow old family recipes and a whole chain of exclusive chocolate pralines. For the everyday breakfast, Pasticceria San Carlo also serves amazing homemade crêpes that come with a special recommendation.

Via Matteo Bandello 1, Milan, Italy, +39 02 481 2227

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Scriptorium Café Milano Lombardia

Scriptorium Café Milano Lombardia, just around the corner from the hustle and bustle of Corso Magenta, is a great place for an early lunch break. The café and bar is small and intimate and provides shelves full of books for its guests that are just waiting to be read. While flipping through some Italian classics, guests can enjoy a varied bar menu, ranging from club sandwiches, salads and other cold snacks to healthy yoghurts and fruit and delicious homemade crêpes with Nutella. The quality of the food is excellent and the atmosphere is very relaxed, which is a welcome change to other busy brunch spots.

Via sant’Agnese 12, Milan, Italy, +39 340 170 3751

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Bio Solaire

Bio Solaire, right off Corso Magenta, is a fantastic Italian restaurant that specializes in pizzas. From healthy mozzarella, tomato and basil to a classic calzone, Bio Solaire’s menu will have something in store for everyone. As its name says, Bio Solaire relies on organic eco-friendly products and fresh regional delicacies, such as parma ham and parmesan, for their pizzas. At midday, Bio Solaire also offers very affordable deals for pizzas, drinks and desserts.

Via Terraggio, Angolo corso Magenta, Milan, Italy, +39 023 349 7638

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Majestic Café

On the route between the Duomo di Milano and Castello Sforzesco on Via Dante, Majestic Café attracts both tourists and locals with its varied menu, excellent service and great prices. Majestic Café is open from 8am and serves fantastic Italian coffee and desserts in the morning. At midday, a varied lunch menu with salads, pastas and sandwiches and the great location of Majestic Café make for a welcome stop in a busy day of sightseeing.

Via Dante 15, Milan, Italy, +39 027 209 5784

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Il Gusto Dell Caffé

On Pizza Affari, the heart of Milan’s financial district, Il Gusto Dell Caffé is a great spot for a nice breakfast in a central location with its hearty breakfast menu. Il Gusto Dell Caffé also offers a wide variety of salads, wraps and other snacks, which are ideal for a quick lunch break during a busy day of work or sightseeing. The service is very attentive and quick without disturbing the café’s relaxing atmosphere.

Via Borromei 13, Milan, Italy, +39 345 126 5774

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Tandem Bistrot

Away from tourist mainstream areas, Tandem Bistrot is located down a quiet side street of Corso Magenta. Many locals have lunch there as Tandem Bistrot serves great food in an intimate and authentic setting. The menu consists of a range of light sandwiches, salads, small pasta portions and homemade desserts that are all the perfect choice for a quick break. Tandem Bistrot is also known for its excellent Italian coffee specialties and delicious tiramisu.

Via Bassano Porrene 4, Milan, Italy, +39 024 554 5711