The 10 Best Breweries in Italy

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26 January 2017

Although primarily known for being a country rich in wine production, Italy produces a significant amount of tasty beer too. Italian beer is going through a change as brewers are struck with the craft beer bug, utilising new hops and reinvigorating old styles. We list some of the best breweries in Italy in which to find some great flavors.

Elav Brewery | Courtesy of Elav Brewery

Archea Brewery

For a great selection of craft beer on tap, check out the community friendly setting of Archea Brewery in Florence. Here, customers will discover a variety of beers that are all full of rich tastes. The hole-in-the-wall setting makes a comfortable place to chat with the knowledgeable and amicable staff who are willing to suggest beers. Tasting is encouraged.

Florence Sunset | © Maëlick/Flickr

Barley Brewery

Crafting new flavors in a variety of beers, the innovative Barley Brewery is tucked away on the island of Sardinia. The refined beers of this brewery gain complexity and depth through a second fermentation once they are bottled, meaning every time a Barely beer is opened, it has a unique flavor. Try Friska, Sella del Diavolo and Toccadibo, three classic year-round beers, or check out the brewery’s array of seasonal beers.

Barley Brewery, Cristoforo Colombo Street, Maracalagonis, CA, Italy, +39 070 789852


Inspired by traditional and authentic beer brewing traditions, Loverbeer in northern Italy offers many delectable beers, including the Madamin Oak Amber Ale or the D’uvabeer fruit ale. The great beers and friendly atmosphere are both firmly built on the passions of the brewery’s owner for home-brewing.

Loverbeer, Strada Pellinciona, 7, Marentino, TO, Italy, +39 347 3636680

Birrificio Italiano

Birrificio Italiano is an award-winning brewery and creator of the aromatic favorite Tripolis, as well as numerous other tasty concoctions that entrance drinkers with the combination of raw, natural and fresh ingredients employed to make these excellent hops drinks.

Birrificio Italiano | Courtesy of Birrificio Italiano

Birra del Borgo

Influenced by the brewing cultures of England and Belgium, Birra del Borgo uses natural and regional ingredients to brew beer in the Italian way. These beers tend to employ the use of unusual ingredients to create brews such as Etrusca, where the fermentation happens in the archaeological setting of an amphora, an item historically was used to hold wine or olive oil. Indulge the senses in the peppery and citrus flavors of the Reale IPA, which has a low carbonation and a wonderful amber hue in the glass.

Birra del Borgo, Località Piana di Spedino snc,Borgorose, Abruzzi, Italy, +39 0746 31287

Birrificio di Montegioco

Birrificio di Montegioco bears the strong belief that there is a right taste for every person. This brewery uses a natural maturation method that takes a little longer to create beer. However, the result is a fantastic variety of flavors. Try the Runa, which has a mix of orange blossom and apricot, or Rat Weizen, styled after Bavarian beer and made with 30% malted wheat that gives a nice golden hue.

Birrificio di Montegioco, Frazione Fabbrica 1, Montegioco (AL), Italy, +39 0131 029012

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