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The 10 Best Bars In Padua, Italy
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The 10 Best Bars In Padua, Italy

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Padua was established in the 12th century B.C. and is one of the oldest Italian cities. The rich history of Padua is reflected in its every corner. Visitors won’t be disappointed by the nightlife either, with these dynamic bars.
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Located in Vicolo dei Dotto street, this stylish lounge bar restaurant offers more than enough reasons to be visited. The interior design is fascinating, with changing colors and lights. Here, the music is interesting and vivid. You can visit Q-Bar for professional meetings, in order to enjoy a great dinner or just dance until the late hours.

Q-Bar, 3 Vicolo dei Dotto street, Padua, Italy, +39 049 875 1680

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Bar Ottoemezzo

This is a highly recommended bar in Padua, equally worth a visit to grab a bite (try the sandwiches), enjoy lunch or a drink. The staff is quick, friendly and well-informed about the menu, which is frequently changing.

Bar Ottoemezzo, 6 Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, Padua, Italy, +39 049 876 0610

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Ex is a small and friendly wine bar in Padua. Come by to enjoy the great music, the frequently scheduled acoustic live shows and the live DJ sets. The wine menu is extensive, and you could also opt for a vodka or a cocktail.

Ex, 3 Via Andrea Gritti, Padua, Italy

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Zanellato Lounge Cafe

If you want to dive into the student nightlife, dancing all night long under loud music, this is undoubtedly your place. Amazing drinks, dynamic parties, large crowds of young people having fun… what else could do you possibly need to be convinced to visit on a Friday night out in Padua?

Zanellato Lounge Cafe, 22 Via dei Fabbri, Padua, Italy, +39 049 650252

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Al Buscaglione

Al Buscaglione offers a warm atmosphere, which is perfect for a lunch break with friends or a drink at night. This wine bar is characterized by its elegance and modern character, with a wide range of tastes, wines and beers.

Al Buscaglione, 50 Via Marsala, Padua, Italy, +39 3272688553

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Vanity Lounge Cafe

Vanity Lounge Cafe is a great place for drinks and appetizers in the city of Padua. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is hospitable. Try the excellent cocktails.

Vanity Lounge Cafe, 6 Via Medoaco, Padua, Italy, +39 3920243408

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Corner Bar

This friendly place is in Padua’s center. It is known for its special owners Stephen and Conrad and the excellent fresh sandwiches they prepare. There’s a nice atmosphere at this authentic, local haunt.

Corner Bar, 20 Via Cattaro, Padua, Italy, +39 328 688 0623

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Lia Bar

This spot is an excellent small and traditional bar in Padua, open from very early in the morning until late at night. It serves exceptional dishes, from salads and meatballs to grilled meats and sandwiches. Accompany this with a beer or Italian wine. The music here is not intense. So, Lia Bar is preferred by those who’d avoid dancing all night long and instead want to grab a bite while drinking and talking with friends.

Lia Bar, Via Teofilo Gautier, Padua, Italy, +39 049 756645

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Il Ventinove

Il Ventinove is a classy wine bar in Via Guido Reni, ideal for wine lovers. Here there is an interesting selection of drinks and dishes as well as a peaceful atmosphere with a large number of tables outside.

Il Ventinove, 150 Via Guido Reni, Padua, Italy, +39 328 822 2354

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Bar Principe

This cafe bar is recommended for lunch (try the pasta dishes) as well as for an aperitif wine. It attracts mainly young visitors and offers tables outside, if the weather allows it.

Bar Principe, 16 Via del Risorgimento, Padua, Italy