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The 10 Best Bars In Catania, Sicily
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The 10 Best Bars In Catania, Sicily

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Catania is no doubt one of the most beloved destinations in southern Italy. With delicious food at bargain prices, this city mesmerizes thousands of tourists every year. We’ve put together a list of 10 bars where travellers can go to wash down the pizzas and the pasta.
Catania, Sicily, Italy | © Marc Smith/Flickr
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Bar Mazzini

Located in central Catania, Bar Mazzini is a typical Italian bar with oodles of character. The friendly and welcoming staff will do their best to make sure any customer feels at home, so much so that patrons are often considered as guests and those who go there on a regular basis often feel like a member of the family. Bar Mazzini offers all sorts of biscuits, desserts, and Sicilian specialities, thus being the ideal choice for the sweet-toothed or simply for those who want to explore a foreign country via its food.
Address: via Auteri 6, Catania, Italy, +39 095 346361

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Located in a shopping center not too far away from central Catania, Burgerbar is one of the best bargains you can find in the second largest city in Sicily. With menus comprising French fries and a drink at just €5.90, this restaurant will be a pleasant stop over during any tourist’s stay in Catania. The menu embraces paninis, toasties, burgers, hot dogs, tortillas and piadinas but the burgers are particularly recommended, considering the freshness of both the meat and the bread in which the patties are accommodated.
Address: via San Giuseppe La Rena 67, Catania, Italy, +39 095 281870

Cathedral of Sant'Agata | © gnuckx/Flickr
Cathedral of Sant’Agata | © gnuckx/Flickr
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Cathedral’s Bar

Located on piazza Duomo and enjoying an amazing view of the local cathedral, this bar serves a range of drinks and foodstuffs. It serves great breakfasts, with croissants, cappuccinos, coffees, and all the typical Italian dishes of the morning, not to mention some fine quick bites and lunches. The staff will welcome any patron and will make sure they are content with the service. As is often the case in Sicily, customers will most likely have a little bit more than they expect: if they order coffee, for instance, they might serve cake with it, or some great food accompanying a potent evening aperitivo.
Address: via Garibaldi (angolo piazza Duomo) 1, Catania, Italy, +39 348 7864139

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Situated in the heart of Catania, in the hectic university area, this bar is as young as its habitual customers. They are famed within the city especially for their lunch and their aperitivo, when a platter of nibbles and cold meats to share are particularly desired. Alternatively, head there for a good cocktail or for an imported quality beer. The atmosphere is youthful, cheerful and friendly, and the staff are cordial and accommodating.
Address: via Penninello 44, Catania, Italy, +39 095 310139

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Caffè Parisi

Established in 1965, this family-run café is one of the best known names in Catania when it comes to professional patisseries. Thanks to their convenient location near the local airport, it can be a pleasant stop after a long flight or it can represent one last bite of Catania before heading off home. Traditions here become part of the experience as the counter, filled with all sorts of delicious local foods, savoury and sweet, makes promises of happiness and pure, unforgettable flavor.
Address: via San Giuseppe La Rena 98/A, Catania, Italy, +39 338 1450228 / +39 339 4208777

A mulberry granita, a pistachio granita, two brioches at Comis Ice Café | © Courtesy of Comis Ice Café
A mulberry granita, a pistachio granita, two brioches at Comis Ice Café | © Courtesy of Comis Ice Café
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Comis Ice Café

This ice-cream parlour is one of the best finds in Catania. The typical Sicilian granita is one of their specialities, with flavors ranging from almond, chocolate, and pistachio, to strawberry, mulberry and hazelnut, all flavors which are enhanced by the local, fresh ingredients employed in their preparation. Alternatively, indulge in a delicious pistachio waffle or in a traditional Nutella crêpe.
Address: piazza Vincenzo Bellini 8/9, Catania, Italy, +39 095 7152499

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Dolce America

Whether customers are looking for something original or something more traditional, Dolce America, an American-inspired bakery, is definitely a good choice. With its wide and diverse range of cupcakes, single-portion cakes, delicious ice-cream and cheesecakes, this café will leave a mark on any tourist’s stay in Catania. The cupcakes are particularly beloved by the locals, as the flavors range from traditional combinations to those made out of classic chocolate bars or biscuits.
Address: viale Vittorio Veneto 263, Catania, Italy, +39 095 2863160

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Les Crêpes

As the name suggests, Les Crêpes is the home of crêpes in Catania. With over 50 flavors, this is the place to go if customers feel like having a French meal or snack before stepping back into the Sicilian city. Prices vary according to the diverse fillings from which patrons can choose, but they are generally under €5, unless customers want to taste a savoury regional speciality.
Address: via Diana 5, Catania, Italy, +39 347 7362270

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‘Eat global. Feed local’ reads this restaurant’s motto. It is located on the coastline and offers the possibility of dining in a wood-clad outdoor area, adding to the overarching maritime atmosphere of the place. It is open from morning till late at night, which means customers can enjoy the ambience and the food of this restaurant at different times: from breakfast, with their delicious, sweet croissants, to brunch, which is both wide and diverse, considering it is served in the form of a buffet, through to lunch and dinner. Alternatively, why not enjoy a platter of great local food to share with the sound of the sea and the romantic setting as the backdrop?
ddress: Piazza Europa, Catania, Italy, +39 095 373794

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Sicilia Seltz

This conveniently located kiosk is definitely the most beloved in the whole of Catania. Remaining open for the best part of the day and of the night, it is the perfect place for a milkshake in the afternoon or for a quick breakfast in the morning. Their wide range of milkshakes come served in plastic cups without ornamentation such as whipped cream, wafers or chocolate chips. They also serve a series of cocktails and drinks, often with fresh fruit, as well as other special creations.
Address: Corso Sicilia 8, Catania, Italy