The 10 Best Bars In Bologna's Centro Storico

Spritz | © Joseph Richard Francis
Spritz | © Joseph Richard Francis
The charming Centro Storico area of Bologna is just waiting to be discovered. Tourists can lose themselves amidst the little boroughs and discover a museum or a characteristic spot, a piazza or a palazzo worth a visit. Bologna offers a whole load of characteristic bars, featuring local food and wine: here’s our guide to some of the best.

Neaera Lounge Bar
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This lounge bar set near the canals offers some of the best cocktails that can be found in town; colorful and delicious, creatively presented with fresh fruit decorations. Neaera is the ideal place for either breakfast or a long Happy Hour, which customers can enjoy with the abundant snacks served. With its peculiar cocktail list, Neaera is the place for some experimenting.

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Set in the lovely piazza Re Enzo, just a few steps from Piazza Maggiore, Lalinea is an excellent choice for either a quality breakfast or a happy hour, or even post-dinner drinks. Lalinea has a lovely atmosphere.

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Canton de’ Fiori

Situated on Bologna’s main street, via dell’Indipendenza, Canton de’ Fiori is one of the finest bars in the city and benefits from an incomparable location just next to Piazza Maggiore. The excellent coffee is always served with a chocolate on the side and the folk here make a fabulous foamy cappuccino as well, which goes hand-in-hand with the mouthwatering croissants, filled with every sort of flavor. Canton de’ Fiori also features vegan croissants.

Address and telephone number: Canton de’ Fiori, via dell’Indipendenza 1, Bologna, Italy, +39 051267300

Caffe Ristretto
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Torre degli Asinelli

Torre degli Asinelli | © Matteo/Flickr

This cozy bar features very small and tight-knit interior. Caffe Ristretto offers a huge selection of gins too, making it ideal for a night out with friends.

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Caffe del Mercato

The little Caffe del Mercato is set in a characteristic environment made of wood furnishings and bottles of wine racked up all over the place.  Caffe del Mercato benefits from an enviable location, halfway between Piazza Maggiore and the famous Torre degli Asinelli, so it’s easily reachable and customers can enjoy a beautiful view of the city’s little boroughs.

Address and telephone number: Caffè del mercato, via Pescherie Vecchie 2, Bologna, Italy, +39 051 234248

Il Calice

Set at the very heart of the Centro Storico, this characteristic bar is a landmark in Bologna and has counted many stars among its customers over the years, whose pictures are collected in the ‘album of memories’. Il Calice serves local wines and good food with a great view.

Address and telephone number: Il Calice, via Clavature 13, Bologna, Italy, +39 051236523

Bar Galleria Cavour

A modern design and a huge window characterize this elegant bar situated at the entrance of the Galleria Cavour, a luxury mall in the middle of the Centro Storico. Bar Galleria Cavour offers its customers high-quality food, coffee and tasty pastries.

Address and telephone number: Bar Galleria Cavour, Galleria Cavour 1/RST, Bologna, Italy, +39 051 227048

Bistrot Les Pupitres
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This old-fashioned bar welcomes its customers in a relaxing atmosphere, with elegant furnishings and luxurious antique chandeliers. The treats are always fresh and baked with quality ingredients: try the delicious cakes and ice-cream at Bistrot Les Pupitres. Customers can also enjoy traditional local snacks like the piadina.

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Doc Lounge Bar
Bar, Pub Grub, Italian, $$$

Spritz | © Joseph Richard Francis

Friendly staff, modern design and creative decorations make this bar a stylish choice for either breakfast or a drink in the evening. Close to the University area, it is often populated by students, drawn here by the fresh and tasty pastries. The barmen make exceptional cocktails, with noticeably high-quality ingredients, served with fruit decorations. Thanks to the proximity to the University, Doc Lounge Bar also serves food at very reasonable prices.

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Caffe Zamboni

Caffe Zamboni is a smart choice for a Happy Hour. They feature an abundant buffet of local dishes and snacks, like cubes of Bolognaise mortadella  to go with the good wines on the list or the refreshing Spritz. Caffe Zamboni also serves tasty breakfasts, featuring fresh pastries and foamy cappuccinos.

Address and telephone number: Caffè Zamboni, via Zamboni 6, Bologna, Italy, +39 051 273102