The 10 Best Bars In Bologna, Italy

The Two Towers
The Two Towers
Bologna is a beautiful city. It is full of young people who want to have a good time, so the number of bars and nightclubs is amazing, and the quality is incredible. Here are our top picks.
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Soda Pops

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Soda Pops is one of the best bars in Bologna, where visitors will not only be able to enjoy some of their delicious concoctions, but they will also get to sway their hips and groove to the wonderful themed music that changes every night of the week. It is one of the most frequented clubs in the city. University students love it, so travelers can be assured that it will be full of fun, young people. It has the added bonus of being right in the city center, so is great for those who want to do a bar crawl or see the city by night after a few drinks with friends.
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Le Stanze

Le Stanze is one of the most beautiful bars travelers will ever see. It is located in what used to be a chapel, decorated with original frescoes that date back to the 17th century. The antique feel of the place deeply contrasts with the modern art and photography that is usually on display. The mix of different time periods is somehow refreshing. Visitors should come here to enjoy an appetizing drink and snack in one of the most unusual settings Bologna has to offer.

Via del Borgo di San Pietro 1, Bologna, Italy +39 051 228767

La Scuderia

Known throughout Bologna as one of the best bars in the city, La Scuderia is a great option for visitors who are looking for a tasty aperitivo, a hearty dinner or some fun after-dinner drinks. It caters to all tastes and its proximity to the university means the atmosphere is always vibrant. The music played at this locale is also excellent, with a great mix of tracks from different decades and styles. It’ll keep visitors guessing what they will be listening to next.

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi 2, Bologna, Italy +39 051 656 9619


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Located near the Torre degli Asinelli, this bar has been called by some the best club in Italy. It certainly has something special, having played host to artists as renowned as Jimi Hendrix, and it has become a staple of Bolognese nightlife. It first opened its doors in the 1950s, but has been able to adapt expertly to the different times, and is by no means outdated.
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Harvest Pub

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Beer Selection
Beer Selection | © Quinn Dombrowski
This pub has an amazing selection of beers, both local and global, from which visitors will be able to pick and choose throughout the night to get ready for some partying later on. Although it is slightly outside the old town, it is worth wandering to. Here, everything suddenly becomes more authentic once the masses of tourists are taken away, leaving visitors to enjoy the pub for what it truly is.
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Cantina Bentivoglio

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Music lovers will enjoy this bar, where there is usually live jazz music vibrating throughout the locale, accompanying the tasty food and drinks. The romantic atmosphere is complemented not only by the music, but also by the candles, decadent wines and elegant waiters. During the summer months it gets even better and more atmospheric, as Cantina Bentivolgio fuses with other locales to create a Salotto di Jazz. Thi consists of a closed-off area of the street where diners can enjoy live music.
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Bar Wolf

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Panini | © Michael Hilton
Another music bar, Bar Wolf has been playing live music since the 1960s. The nearby American University means that a great deal of the bar’s clientele is young and lively. They come here to enjoy the renowned paninis, burgers and hot dogs. This pub also serves excellent cocktails, and with more than 50 to choose from. The inside is elegantly decorated with wood and light colors, and it is complemented by the sophisticated lighting arrangements.
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Zanarini is one of the classiest bars in Bologna, and the people that come here in the evenings are nothing if not elegant. However, the price is incredibly great value, as visitors can get access to the excellent buffet for just eight Euros. The food here is more refined than in other bars, and it is beautifully displayed. Travelers will be able to enjoy the drinks and snacks either by the bar, the buffet, or outside. There is ample space and it will not feel crowded, unlike most tiny Italian bars.
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The Museo di Arte Moderna di Bologna, the city’s modern art museum, has an excellent bar. It is a great place to go to for an aperitivo. The crowd is fun, young and intelligent, the food is splendidly healthy and filling, and the music is unbeatable. Instead of typical Italian charcuterie, cheese and bread with toppings, here the emphasis of the aperitivo experience is centered around vegetables and salads. Although, there is other food as well. There is a charming outdoors area that is perfect for the warmer months.
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Osteria del Sole

Osterie have recently become almost synonymous with restaurants, but this one has kept true to its origins and does not serve food. Instead the focus here is on wine and an authentic, no-frills meal, with no added distractions. Visitors get to bring their own food, which they will be able to enjoy on the long wooden tables, sitting side by side with others. Great wines and beers are served here, starting at only two Euros.

Viccolo Ranocchi 1D, Bologna, Italy +39 347 968 0171