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The 10 Best Bars In Bergamo, Italy
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The 10 Best Bars In Bergamo, Italy

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Bergamo is one marvellous Italian city, situated not far from Milan and divided into two parts: Bergamo Alta and Bergamo Bassa. Surrounded by her ancient walls, Bergamo Alta is the highest part of the city, the oldest, and reachable by a cable car ride. Bergamo Bassa has antique origins herself, but has also something of a more modern edge. Here, we delve into both areas in search of some of the finest bars and watering holes in town.
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Caffé Della Funicolare

Situated on top of the cable railway in Bergamo Alta, Caffé della Funicolare offers an amazing view of Bergamo sprawled out underneath. The location makes this bar the perfect spot for a breakfast, or a happy hour with a view of the sunset. What’s more, the café features a wide choice of teas, a good selection of wines and oodles of beers, not to mention some finely crafted cocktails besides.
Address and telephone number: Caffé dellaFunicolare, via Porta Dipinta 1, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 210091

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Shake Bar

This little bar is ideal for whoever is in the mood for meeting new people and mingling with the locals, especially on Wednesdays (traditionally students’ night in Italy) and week-ends. Shake bar also features cheap nights on which it offers low-budget cocktails, all still made with quality ingredients and care. The place also has a distinctive design, displaying oodles of vintage guitars on the walls.
Address and telephone number: Shake bar, Borgo Santa Caterina 30, Bergamo, Italy, +39 349 3917662

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Bacco was the wine God, so customers can easily figure out what to expect when stepping into the appropriately-named Perbacco, a characteristic wine bar in the midst of Bergamo town. An intimate atmosphere and highly qualified staff welcome customers looking for great wines, of which they will find a fine selection to suit any evening and most budgets.

Address and telephone number: Perbacco, viaGiovanni Battista Moroni 66, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 060 3747

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Glamour Café

Customers are surrounded by a total white, minimal environment with big windows facing the newly inaugurated dehor at Glamour Café. The ideal place for either a coffee or a sandwich at breakfast, or a relaxing drink after work. Patrons can expect everything from healthy salads to well-mixed cocktails on the menu, meaning there’s something for everyone at this stylish Bergamo joint.

Address and telephone number: Glamour Cafè, Via Don Luigi Palazzolo 76, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 210189

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Sweet Irene

Sweet Irene is a bio bar, featuring a number of related events such as vegan happy hours and tea tastings. This new concept bar is the go-to place for whoever is looking for a quick and healthy lunch. Customers can taste modern and creative recipes cooked with fresh ingredients, all from menu cards that change daily. Sweet Irene also offers a wide variety of colorful, Instagram-ready treats.
Address and telephone number: Sweet Irene, Via Sant’Orsola 22/A, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035.217372

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Cielo Dining Bar

Cielo Dining Bar features a list of over 100 cocktails, going from evergreens to the latest inventions and a huge selection of liquors served straight. The bar offers live jazz every Thursday and DJ sets on the weekends, while Sunday means happy hour. As the name suggests, the place is also a restaurant, with meat forming the main house speciality.

Address and telephone number: Cielo Dining Bar, Via Provinciale 58, Dalmine Bergamo,Italy, +39 0355 66734

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Bobino is characterized by a modern interior design. Customers are welcomed into a warm atmosphere, which the soft lights help create and the décor enhances. Patrons can also take a place in the stylish dehor and benefit from complimentary WiFi. There’s a long list of cocktails, divided into neat categories, along with oodles of beers, wines and liquors served straight. From Bobino, customers can enjoy a nice view over Piazza della Libertà, where there’s also an ice-skating rink in winter.

Address and telephone number: Bobino, Piazza dellaLibertà 9, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 22 39 40

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Caffè Del Tasso

This old fashioned, historic café is situated at the heart of Bergamo Alta. Aside from the classical hot beverages, customers can also taste some original ice-cream flavors, like liquorice and more. The remarkable location justifies the extra expense belied by the menu here, since Caffé del Tasso also offers a breathtaking view of the sprawling new city below.

Address and telephone number: Caffé del Tasso, Piazza Vecchia 3, Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 237 966

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Fontana Di Sant’Agata

Situated in the heart of the Centro Storico, this classic enoteca offers a wide variety of wines in a most characteristic setting. In fact, the site’s history goes all the way back to Roman times, and customers have the feeling of walking into another era when stepping in through the stone entrance and climbing down the stairs to the dining room below ground at Fontana di Sant’Agata.

Address and telephone number: Fontana diSant’Agata, Via Colleoni 13 , Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 212022

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Pub Dell’Angelo

This pub enjoys a central position, right on top of the promenade of Bergamo. Customers can immerse themselves in a stylish atmosphere in this most characteristic place; ideal for a fun night out with friends or just a quiet drink in the evening. Pub dell’Angelo features mostly beers, but there are also plenty of cocktails and wines to sample.

Address and telephone number: Pub dell’Angelo, via San Lorenzo 4/A Bergamo, Italy, +39 035 222188