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The 10 Best Restaurants In Oltrarno, Florence
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Oltrarno, Florence

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Updated: 9 February 2017
For centuries, Florence’s streets north of the River Arno have attracted plenty of attention. The Uffizi, the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio all lie north of the river. However, the neighbourhoods on the other side of the picturesque waterway have recently become popular as well, and none more so than Oltrarno. Tipped as Florence’s up and coming neighbourhood, it’s rich in culture and its culinary offerings rival any other part of the city.

Gusta Pizza

They say that Sicily is the Italian pizza capital, but the team at Gusta Pizza are certainly giving the Sicilians a run for their money. This little hole-in-the-wall is exactly what an Italian pizza restaurant should be: unassuming, friendly, and warmed by a huge wood-fired oven. Word of Gusta Pizza’s success has spread through locals both north and south of the river, and there are often queues outside, but their fresh ingredients and doughy pizza bases make it well worth the wait. The communal tables encourage sharing and create a lovely family atmosphere.

Gusta Pizza, Via Maggio, 46r, Florence, Italy, +39 055 285 068

La Casalinga

If you ask a local Florentine for a restaurant recommendation, the majority will point you straight towards La Casalinga, a hearty trattoria serving some of the finest food Florence has to offer. Both delicious and very reasonable, it’s the best place to go for some genuine Italian eats, serving simple dishes such as lasagne and steak, cooked to perfection. Reservations are essential if you’re not prepared to queue, and definitely don’t leave without trying one of their traditional Italian desserts.

La Casalinga, Via dè Michelozzi, 9R, Florence, Italy, +39 055 218 624

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Cavolo Nero

Cavolo Nero’s little back garden, with just a few tables and chairs, is the ideal location to escape the busy streets of Florence. One of the city’s best kept secrets, this restaurant isn’t easily found in popular tourist guides, meaning its managed to retain its authentic Italian charm. Enjoy the sunshine and embrace the Italian way of life with a glass of wine from their expansive wine list before indulging in some antipasti. The perfect way to spend an afternoon after a day exploring the Uffizi.

Cavolo Nero, Via dell’Ardiglione, 22r, Florence, Italy, +39 055 294 744

A traditional Italian aperitivo at Le volpi e l'uva | © Christian/Flickr
A traditional Italian aperitivo at Le volpi e l’uva | © Christian/Flickr

Le volpi e l’uva

Any holiday to Italy wouldn’t be complete without an experience of the Italian culture of antipasti Throughout the day, but most commonly in the early evening, local wine bars put on a selection of small dishes for customers to taste as a pre-dinner snack. One of the finest wine bars in which to try this local ritual is Le volpi e l’uva, well-renowned not only for its excellent wine list, but for its platters of cold meats and vegetables.

Le volpi e l’uva, Piazza dei Rossi, 1, Florence, Italy, +39 055 239 8132

Il Santo Graal

This restaurant is truly earning its title as ‘The Holy Grail’ of Oltrarno haute cuisine, going from strength to strength since its opening. The chef at Il Santo Graal, Simone Cipriani, who trained in many Michelin starred restaurants has crafted an exquisite menu, featuring some amazing and unusual takes on traditional Florentine dishes. Dishes featured on the ‘menu degustatzione’ include fresh pasta with coffee powder, dry capers, hazelnut and aged parmesan, and an imaginative vegetarian option with watermelon, strawberry, basil, goat’s cheese and pistachio.

Il Santo Graal, Via Romana, 70R, Florence, Italy, +39 055 228 6533

Alla Vecchia Bettola

The family-style seating in Alla Vecchia Bettola means you’ll often find parties of guests mingling, children playing, or locals cheerfully advising tourists what to eat. To describe the portions as generous would be an underestimate, so make sure you’re hungry when you visit. It’s an excellent venue to try out traditional bistecca alla fiorentina, a classic and simple dish of grilled steak. Combine that with their house wine at four euros a glass, and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Make sure not to leave without trying the dish that gave the restaurant its name.

Alla Vecchia Bettola, 34r Via Luigi Ariosto, Florence, Italy, +39 055 224158

Cold meats and tapenade | © Darren and Brad/Flickr
Cold meats and tapenade | © Darren and Brad/Flickr

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‘O Munaciello

This restaurant is the epitome of a hidden gem as its tucked away deep in Oltrarno, so only the most discerning locals and tourists make it to ‘O Munaciello. The low lighting, arched ceilings and imaginative decor create a mysterious and alluring atmosphere, and locals often describe it as the best place in the city for a romantic dinner. There are often performers playing instruments, singing, or even performing opera, so you’re sure to be well-entertained, as well as well-fed.

‘O Munaciello, Via Maffia, 31, 50125 Florence, Italy, +39 055 287 198

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Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco

This wonderfully Italian restaurant is a Florentine institution. A family-run business, the pride they take in their food and wine is clear from the outset. The location, in a beautiful medieval tower, is a happy bonus. The is also the best place if you’re looking for somewhere to try classical Tuscan recipes, such as tripe and wild boar. While some of their dishes might sound unusual to non-Italians, we’re sure Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco will convince you they’re worth a try.

Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco, Borgo San Iacopo, 43, Florence, Italy, +39 055 215 706

Cafe degli Artigiani

The food at this little cafe is simple, reliable, and tasty. But as all Oltrarno locals know, no one really comes here for the food. Cafe degli Artigiani is famous for its coffee, and for a very good reason. While it’s hard to find a cafe or restaurant in Italy where you can’t get a decent cappuccino or espresso, Cafe degli Artigiani does something special with their caffeine. Rich, dark and creamy, any coffee-lover would have missed a trick if they left Florence without a visit to this little gem. They’ve also opened a gelateria across the alley, so it’s the perfect place to take kids to enjoy an ice cream while you refuel with an espresso.

Cafe degli Artigiani, Via dello Sprone 16r, Florence, Italy, +39 055 291 882

Journey south across the Ponte Vecchio to try these delicious restaurants | © Blmiers2/Flickr
Journey south across the Ponte Vecchio to try these delicious restaurants | © Blmiers2/Flickr

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All’Antico Ristoro di’Cambi

Florence is so full of would-be-restaurateurs that nowhere would last more than half a century in the city without being truly excellent. Founded in 1950, All’Antico Ristoro di’Cambi has stood the test of time, and shows no signs of slowing down now. A family-run business, they serve some of the best authentic Florentine dishes, steeped in a history of family recipes. With dishes including lampredotto (made from the fourth stomach of a cow) and fried brain, adventurous souls will be at home here, while more conservative eaters might like to try their ribollita, a thick onion soup. Their counter, displaying a selection of meats and cheeses, is sure to make anyone’s stomach rumble, and we can’t recommend their tiramisu highly enough.

All’Antico Ristoro di’Cambi, Via S.Onofrio, 1R, Florence, Italy,+39 055 217 134