Enjoy The Sights and Tastes of Sorrento, The Jewel Of The Amalfi Coast

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9 February 2017

Sorrento, a peaceful and picturesque town in southern Italy’s Naples province, is a sun-kissed land bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea, with a long history dating back to antiquity. According to the local folklore, the myth of the Sirens from ancient Greece was set in the Sorrento peninsula, creating enthusiastic local pride. Follow in the footsteps of famous visitors such as literary greats Lord Byron, John Keats and Goethe with a trip to this Italian paradise.

Scenic View | © Anahit Poturyan

Amalfi Coast

The bewitching coastline of Amalfi, with rocky cliffs and the lambent Mediterranean Sea, has been enchanting visitors since the time of the ancient Romans. Arrive early in the morning to admire the skill of Italian ingenuity and the coast’s natural beauty, because this UNESCO cultural heritage spot quickly becomes packed with tourists, cars and oversized buses. Take a road trip from Sorrento towards Salerno or vice versa to experience these breathtaking views.

Porcelain Lemons | © Anahit Poturyan

Via di San Cesareo

Via di San Cesareo, a narrow ancient Roman street full of local shops and restaurants, offers everything lemon-flavored and yellow colored you can imagine. Indulge on overflowing samples of limoncello and lemon chocolate bites, or shop for famed Sorrentine leather and linen as you walk past open markets selling colossal lemons and stocks of red chili peppers.
Via di San Cesareo, Sorrento, Italy

Photo © Anahit Poturyan
Gelato © Anahit Poturyan

Gelateria Primavera

On Corso Italia, the main street in Sorrento, there is an ordinary and unassuming gelato shop that is so much more than it appears. Customers walk in and are faced with a nearly impossible task: choosing from an astonishing 62 flavors, such as Coconut and Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Creme Brûlée.

Gelateria Primavera, Corso Italia 142, Sorrento, Italy

Photo © Anahit Poturyan
Hanging Peppers © Anahit Poturyan

Fantasie Marine Jewelry Shop

Map View
Road leading to Port in Sorrento
Road leading to Port in Sorrento | © Anahit Poturyan
Coral is the preferred medium for this family operated bijou shop that has been creating charming body ornamentations for the past 100 years. Make sure to buy a red chili pepper-shaped necklace; known as the corno, these coral creations are actually little horns, believed to ward off evil and bring good luck to whomever receives it as a gift.

Inlaid Wood Shops

The craft of inlaid wood marquetry has been passed down from father to son for the past 200 years in the wood shops of Sorrento. The masters of these shops specialize in all types of handmade creations, such as jewelry and music boxes, offering a uniquely crafted keepsake to bring back home.

Inside a Wood Shop | © Anahit Poturyan

Local Tip

Catch a 20-minute ferry ride from the port of Sorrento to visit the famed ‘Blue Grotto’ at Capri Island or take a 40 minute drive out to ancient Pompeii.

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